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Gerber Daisy Weddings

As symbols of beauty and fertility, bridal bouquets have been a central part of wedding ceremonies for centuries.

The fifth most popular flower in the world, gerbera daisies can mean innocence, purity, and cheerfulness. These large daisy variations come in a number of vibrant colors, and sending them is the perfect way to brighten someone's day.

When you want to send the gift of cheer,gerber daisies are your sure choice.

Tree & Floral Beginnings is introducing our Gerber Daisy Favors in 6 magnificent Colors. Choose the one that works best with your wedding.
Choose gerber daisy flower wedding favors, choose gerber daisy for you wedding bouquet and gerber daisy centerpieces flower stems or potted plants. Brilliant, stunning, affordable, memorable.
Tips on growing Gerber Daisy Seed:  Video

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" Flowers are love’s truest language." — Park Benjamin  


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