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Baby Shower Games


Eco Friendly / Green Baby Shower Activities

1. Painted Onesies Give each guest an organic onesie to decorate with fabric paint, die, buttons, ribbons and other fun items. Some guests might feel overwhelmed at the notion of being "crafty". Make sure to have finished examples that they can use as a guide if needed.

2. Diaper Cake TriviaAsk guests to guess how many diapers are in the centerpiece and offer a prize for the closest guess.

3. Diaper Cakes Construction ContestPurchase enough supplies for guests to work in teams and build additional diaper cakes for mommy to take home. The winning team can be determined by which one the guest of honor likes best. In addition to the diapers needed for each cake make sure to provide variety of ribbons, teething rings, bath toys and other small baby toys, pacifiers, bottles, etc…

4. Plant A Tree In Baby's Honor

A eco friendly / green baby shower is a great opportunity to make not just a minimal impact on the environment, but a positive one at that. Whether in the baby's backyard or at a local park, plant a tree with guests as a way of honoring the baby. The memory will last forever and as this child grows up he will be able to watch the tree grow too.

5. Guess Who

Ask each guest to bring a baby photo of themselves to the shower. Tape a number to the back of each picture and ask participants to write down a list of who each picture belongs to. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

6. Time Capsule

As a final wrap up activity, have each guest come prepared to include something of significance in a time capsule for baby and parents to dig up upon graduating high school. Since an eco friendly / green baby shower is all about providing the best future for a child, then what better way to celebrate that than a way for the family to look back and remember how the past affected their child? Make sure to include photos of mommy-to-be, newspaper clippings with historical and environmental significance, and any personal notes.

Tried and True Games

7.. "Guess the Mommy's Girth Game?"
All the guests are asked to write down the measurement of the circumference around mommy's stomach. Then mommy is officially measured and the guest with the closest number wins a prize.

8.. "Match the Baby Picture Game"
When the host sends out the invitations, they ask all the guests to bring a baby picture of themselves. The host arranges the photos with numbers, and a list of the names of the partygoers. The guests write down the name and matching picture number. The guest with the most correct matches wins a prize.

9.. "Pass the Present Baby Shower Game"
The hostess starts with a gift which is wrapped numerous times with layers of different paper. This game is played like musical chairs. When the music starts, the gift is passed from person to person. Every time the music stops, whoever has the present removes a layer of paper. This continues until the last layer of paper is removed and you have a winner.

10. "Name the Baby Food Game"
Get some jars of baby food, remove the container labels after marking the lids by numbers. Have each person taste the food and try to guess what it is.

11. "Rice & Clips Shower Game"
Place rice in a large bowl, along with several small plastic paper clips. Each player blindfolded, reaches into the the bowl and tries to pick as many paper clips as they can in a specific time limit. The winner is the person who retrieves the most paper clips, clothes pin or whatever.

12. "Cotton Ball Game"
Get two large bowls and fill one up with cotton balls. The player is blind folded and tries with a heavy metal spoon to try and get as many cotton balls from one bowl to the other. The attendee who gets the most cotton balls into the other bowl wins...

Ideas for Theme Showers

1. Baby Shower Games to Print:


2. The Lorax Themed Party:




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