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Bridal Shower Games

Give environmentally friendly bridal shower favors and Plant a Memory of your shower day that will last beyond the day. Go Green with tree, flower bulbs, seeds guest gifts and create "growing memories".

Bridal Shower Games with Themes create lasting memories of your special day - make your theme"eco" with Green Games

Why not have a bridal shower with creativity and innovative ideas and create a memorable occasion? One way to create a distinctive bridal shower for your favorite bride-to-be is to choose a clever and unique bridal shower theme. Give plants as bridal shower favors and your day will live on as the gardens flourish year after year.

A. Garden Bridal Shower
If the bride has a gift or a yen for gardening. If she loves all things green, request that your guests shower her with lovely potted flowers, plants and bulbs. Guests can also bring garden tools, floral themed ornaments of nick nacks. Choose a floral or vintage-style favors and invitations to announce your theme shower and afternoon festivities. Host your gathering on a lawn, in a garden or at a park.

- your could even plant some seeds or have you guests identify flowers or herbs for prizes

B. The Round the Clock Bridal Shower
Round the clock Showers are always a hit. With a premise similar to the alphabet shower, guests are assigned one of the twenty-four hours in a day. They then select a shower gift that corresponds to their assigned time. For example, the guest assigned with 7a.m. might bring assorted coffees, mugs, alarm clock or towels. Whatever the hours of the day inspires. Guests should be prepared to explain their choices .

- make the coffee fair trade, bring your own mugs, use your imagination for growing and recycling "something borrowed" "something old"

C. The Alphabet Bridal Shower
The premise of an alphabet shower is, of course, the alphabet. Select an invitation that makes your intentions clear as day: each guest is assigned a letter, and should select a gift accordingly. For example, the guest assigned with the letter "C" might bring a corkscrew, cookie sheets, ceramic bowls etc.. Make it a luncheon, if possible. Design your menu to correspond with letters of the alphabet. For example, your first course might be Asparagus Soup, and Bruschetta, followed by a delicious Chicken dish on a bed of Greens. use your imagination, practically every menu can be modified to follow and alphabet theme.

- get products from the farmers market, buy local, use your family receipes

D. The Kitchen Bridal Shower
Ask guests to choose gifts the bride will need to establish an the kitchen of her dreams. Gifts might include: tools, utensils, cookware, bake ware, appliances, gadgets, linens and cookbooks. A Kitchen Shower is the perfect occasion to go potluck. If your kitchen can manage, request that a few dishes be brought assembled but uncooked. When your guests arrive, pop their culinary creations into the oven and serve wine in the kitchen while you enjoy the aroma of what is soon to come. Guests might also bring along their signature recipe, written on a card to present to the bride.

- perfect for a "herb" shower with a culinary touch



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