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Cherry blossoms remind us of the beauty of nature, give flower seed for blooms that flourishin your garden year after year.

Cherry Blossom Seed Favors
Beautiful Blooms

These unique wedding favors are a brilliant pink in color. They remind us of the beautiful cherry blossoms that flouish on our cherry tree every year.

Give flower seeds to your wedding guests for a lasting reminder of your Wedding day. Their gardens will blossom with flower petals year after year . The perfection of a single flower petal always amazes me . They grow every year without fail and give us joy with they beauty and life.
Enjoy the cherry blossoms this spring think of planting gardens for fun and lasting memories.
Check out our Cherry Blossom Secrect Seed Garden and Plant a Memory for a greener tomorrow.

Give your friends and family a meaningful gift of seeds this year for your child’s First Communion

seed favors for first communion guests
seed favors “growing memories”

Give your friends and family a meaningful gift of seeds this year for your child’s First Communion celebration. Choose from tree, flower or herb seeds, and brilliant colors of raffia ribbon.
These adorable seeds in eco box kits come with everything your guests will need to “grow” a special living memories of this special day.
The cards are personalized with the child’s name and First Communion date, a cross commemorates this religious significance and a thank you message is on every card.

This adorable gift of seeds is an unique idea for their  favors making their celebration one of a kind, and also to stand out in the minds of their guests and be remembered even after the actual event. It’s not something that your guests will just put in their cabinets as a decoration. They will have to plant these seeds, watch it grow and later on marvel at the assortment of blooming flowers garden, herb garden or tree that will grace their houses. When they see plants growing, they will be reminded of your celebration and how special it was for years to come.

More importantly, flowers never fail to brighten any room or garden or even a person heart.



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