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The holidays are the most memorable time of the year.  So it can be tempting for new brides to pick this as the perfect time…more

The holidays are the most memorable time of the year.  So it can be tempting for new brides to pick this as the perfect time for their wedding, but the holidays can also be one of the most stressful times of the year.  Brides who choose to have their wedding during this time may be adding to their own stress, and that of their families.  Before you commit to a wedding date, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of having a wedding during the holiday season and determine if a holiday wedding is right for you.

holiday wedding

holiday wedding


Family Gatherings – The holidays are a natural time for family members to get together.  Distant cousins often travel halfway around the country to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa or Chanukah with relatives that they may not see for the rest of the year.  Having your wedding during this time means potentially having guests who will be visiting your family during this time anyway.  Additionally, it’s often easier for family members to get time off from work around the holiday season.  Family members may even be in more of a festive mood thanks to the time of year.

Budget Savings – Many venues such as churches or reception halls are already decorating for the holiday season.  By having a holiday-themed event during this time, you can take advantage of the decorations and trim your own decorating budget.  If the weather cooperates, you may even have snow on the ground for a white Christmas wedding.  Because winter is an off month in the wedding industry, a bride may be able to save quite a bit on wedding-specialty vendors.


Added Stress – The holidays are a very busy time.  Asking family members and friends to add one more event to an already overloaded schedule may be adding extra stress and resentment.  Some people set their holiday plans a year in advance or let tradition determine their plans.  These family members may resent having to change their plans based on your wedding.  Especially if the bride’s family lives in one state and the groom’s family lives in another.  Both you and your spouse will also be adding to your own stress by combining the anxiety of planning a wedding with meeting social obligations that come during the holidays.

Competition for Venues – Many of the venues that you might book for your wedding, including churches and synagogues as well as reception halls, may be booked for office Christmas parties and holiday festivities.  Caterers, musicians, photographers and other general vendors may find themselves extra busy at this time as well.  If you are able to find open dates for your wedding, the money that you have saved in decorations and wedding-specialty vendors may be needed to offset the extra money that general vendors may charge at this time.

Asking Guests to Buy an Extra Gift – The holidays are often a strain on the budget as people try to buy a gift for each family member.  Asking family members to spend money on a wedding gift during this time may be a strain on the budget that they will not endure.

Nasty Weather Conditions – A white, Christmas wedding may seem very romantic, but a blizzard wedding is less so.  Holiday wedding plans can be put on hold if Mother Nature turns mean.

A holiday-themed wedding is a unique event that will be remembered for years to come.  However, keep in mind that every couple’s situation is different.  While one couple may wish they’d never considered the option, another couple may have a lifestyle that is perfect for a holiday wedding.

Original article: Pros and Cons of a Holiday Wedding

By Tracy S. Morris



What do your wedding colors say about you? This discussion is fun and enlightening.

the meaning of wedding colors
do you know the meaning of wedding colors?

The wedding colors your pick convey emotion, mood and tone. We tend to use our favorite wedding color combination without knowing the real meaning of wedding colors. In choosing the wedding colors, it is important to highlight the good image of the color itself.

What do your Wedding Colors say about you?

 Cool Colors  convey calming effect – blue, green, tourquoise, and silver
Warm Colors Create Excitement      – red, pink, yellow, gold and orange
Neutral Colors convey unification – brown, beige, invory, gray, black and white
Black depicts formal, modern, sexy and sophisticated. It is a color that is always in fashion. It never goes out of style. With black you feel elegant  powerful, and sophisticated. Black works well with lighter colors such as yellow, white, blue, red, and green. On the contrary, black is also a symbol of evil, darkness and death.
Blue calls for calnmess, tranquitity, truthfulness, nobleness and faithfulness. In all the cultures, blue has the lowest amount of bad images. It is often thought as the celestial color of the sky and the virgin Mary is often associated with blue.  Blue is often used in ribbon to symbolize winners. Blue is recommended and versatile. The only bad image of blue is depression, loneliness and sadness.
Brown makes you feel comfortable, warm and cozy. It is a color of wood, earth and stone and eco-wedding staple. The guests will be obliged to stay longer and it stimulates the appetite. The only bad image is that is is sometimes dull.
Green represents wealth, money nature, environment,fertility  , growth , re-birth, victory healing, abundant and renewable. Green is the color of garden weddings and green weddings. The green tells of a new life and beginnings after the wedding. Give new life with growing favors. The bada image of green is greed, jealousy and envy.
Orange stands of energy, sun warmth and comfort. It is often used in fall wedding ideas. The guests will feel at ease. Think of fall leaves, pumpkin, sun, sunset as wedding themes. Fall wedding often use nature as a backdrop with orange and rustic tones .

Pink symbolizes the femininity, admiration, love, pretty, spring, gentleness, harmony, fidelity, and sensuality. It is an innocent, sweet, and soft color. Pink is usually used in the wedding dress, wedding invitations, and wedding flowers.The only bad image is breast cancer awareness in which most people will not consider as bad image. Purple shows nobility, royalty, luxury, authority, creativity, inspiration, and spirituality. It is a mysterious and intriguing color. The darker shades of purple represent sensuality, while the lighter shades of purple represent romance and delicate. The bad image of purple is a symbol of mourning widow in Thailand. Red creates excitement as red raises blood pressure.Red also symbolizes love, passion, sex, and power. Hence, we like to give red roses to show a strong affection of love. Red means good luck in China, while red means purity in India. Life, vitality, celebrations, and gifts are associated with red. The negative images about red are blood, war, danger, fire, and anger.

White is one of the neutral colors which are common in  wedding dress, flowers, and attire. White is also associated with purity, innocence, cleanliness, and virtue. Think of snow, winter, and peace as wedding themes. Today, it symbolizes crisp, clean, and luxurious. On the other hand, the white is a symbol of death for eastern countries and ghost for western countries. The caskets are usually covered in white, while the ghosts are usually visualized in floating white sheet.

Yellow is a happy, joyful, cheerful, and hopeful color. Because it is close to the color gold, it is sometimes a symbol of wealth. Think of sunshine and summer as wedding themes. The yellow in wedding dress, wedding candles, and wedding flowers indicate a happy moment. For Japanese, it is a symbol of royalty and courage. The bad image of yellow is emergency, cowardice, deceit, and hazard. In Egypt, the yellow means death, grief, and mourning.Now that you know, did you pick the best color for you, what do your wedding colors day about you? Let us know with a comment.

 by Dennis Estrada 

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Did you know that trees are the longest…more

inspire your friends and family , give tree wedding favors

trees inspire us all

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Did you know that trees are the longest living organisms on earth?

One (a single) tree produces up to 260 pounds of oxygen a year. That is more than enough to supply oxygen to a family of four people. Make that a few thousand trees, and you’ve got an oxygen supply for a whole town

· Over the course of 50 years, a single tree can generate $31,250 of oxygen, provide $62,000 worth of air pollution control, recycle $37,500 worth of water, and control $31,500 worth of soil erosion.

Going Green with trees is an inspiring way to make your wedding day unforgettable and share with your friends and family just how easy, fun, & beautiful a sustainable lifestyle can be. This article, top 10 ways to include trees in your Wedding presents ideas for brides and grooms for the best fall wedding favors ever!
1 . Give guests the greenest favor of all: live tree saplings!
2. Tree seed in eco-box kits are versatile favors made with recycled card stock with your choice of 6 tree seeds that will grow in at least one US climatic zones.
3. Earth friendly tree seed packets wedding favors in recycled papers with complete growing instructions are amazing in a variety of colors & designs.
4. Tree seed embedded in biodegradable handmade paper tree cards are incredibly unique gifts, 100% plantable these are extremely “green”.
5. Go the natural route with Tree Centerpieces. Grow your own or visit a local nursery for a 3-4 year old mini-evergreen tree, in a decorative pot these are powerful “green” symbols of a sustainable lifestyle.
6. Plant tree Place card favors, combine tree seed favors with place cards, decorate reception tables with tree seed favor ornaments on tree branch centerpieces accompanied by your guest’s names.
7. “Fall in Love” tree seed favors. Personalized with your names and wedding date these eco-friendly seed wedding packet favors are a favourite for earth-conscious couples.
8. Decorate your reception venue with rented live trees from a local nursery or garden center. What a socially conscious way to support local business and bring the outdoors in any time of year.
9. Hanging tree favors/Place card seating with a crafty branch decoration. Outside the reception area hang your place cards/seed favors on a small tree with invisible thread and create an opportunity for fun finding their names on the cards with their table numbers.
10. Place an eco-friendly tree seed favor in a terra cotta pot at each guest’s table setting. Decorate the pot to complement your colors or style. Guests can take the seeds home and plant them in the pots.

Plant a “green” wedding favor and your wedding day memories will last a lifetime!

By Sheila Sheffield, Tree Beggings Inc.

Earth-Friendly tree favors Since 1992


how to throw a green baby shower with instructions and list of supplies that are suggested. Get ideas for a unqiue baby shower for eco-chic mothers to be and create memories with eco favors for your guests to bring home.

green baby shower

eco-chic baby shower

Eco-friendly, green baby showers are becoming increasingly popular, especially among celebrities. If you are interested in throwing a baby shower that is a bit different from a traditional shower, while helping the environment at the same time, a green baby shower is for you. How to throw a green baby shower will follow with instructions and everything you need. For eco favors visit us at: Plant a Memory for ideas and personalized baby favors.


  1. 1. Start with the invitations. You have two green options when choosing invitations: you can use recycled paper printed with nontoxic dyes, or you can use email invitations, such as from eVite, and go completely paperless. If possible, choose a postcard-style invitation that does not require an envelope, and insist guests RSVP via telephone or email to prevent the need for paper RSVP cards.

    • 2. Include a note on the invitations asking guests to bring green gifts that have been wrapped in eco-friendly paper or other materials. Some ideas include asking guests to bring their own children’s outgrown clothes, used or recycled baby books and other items, cloth diapers or donation cards to green charities. Encourage guests to wrap the baby shower gifts in recycled paper, newspaper, cloth diapers, baby clothes or baby blankets. Additionally, remind the guests that shopping online saves more than just time; it saves gas, too!
    • 3. Use organic, recycled or reusable items to decorate for the shower. Potted plants and flowers can be used as centerpieces, and soy candles can be placed in baby food jars or other recycled containers for lighting. Avoid using streamers and paper banners, since these items will end up in the trash, and balloons are also not recommended due to the risk of choking if an animal or child swallows them. Tablecloths and napkins should be linen, and any gift bags should be reusable or recycled. The gifts themselves can also serve as decorations and can create a fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

    4. Choose to serve only foods that can be maintained at room temperature to avoid excessive energy use by repeated heating and cooling, and offer only locally grown fruits and vegetables. Use only real plates, silverware and glasses. The cleanup might take longer, but the benefit to the environment is worth the extra time and effort. If you plan to have the baby shower catered, look for a local restaurant that specializes in green events and serves organic foods.
    5. Clean up following the green baby shower using only nontoxic, biodegradable household cleaners, and send the guests home with leftovers and a reminder to consider the environment in everything they

    • Things You’ll Need

      • Invitations made of recycled paper and nontoxic dyes
      • China or glass plates and cups
      • Silverware
      • Soy candles
      • Native plants or flowers
      • Linen tablecloths and napkins
      • Organic foods
      • Nontoxic, biodegradable household cleaners



Sandra Ketcham

Sandra Ketcham is a writer with more than 15 years experience writing and editing for both print and online publications. She specializes in health, travel and parenting topics, and has articles published in regional, national and international print magazines, including “The Dollar Stretcher” and “Kraze.” Ketcham is currently pursuing a degree in psychology.

By Sandra Ketcham, eHow Contributor





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