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Welcome the Tree Beggings Blog Our blogs are going to be a combination of articles we think would be helpful, interesting favors we have created…more

grow memories by planting trees

grow memories with tree seedlings

Welcome the Tree Beggings Blog
Our blogs are going to be a combination of articles we think would be helpful, interesting favors we have created for our customers ( you might like) and general thoughts on the state of things at our place. Please feel free to send us any suggestions, comments, questions , ideas , pictures you may want to contribute. We are really flexible and excited to start planting some seeds in 2012.  Thanks, Sheila ( the idea person)

We hope to start a montly give away this spring . Stay tuned, we what to hear from you.

In an effort to find the most fabulous favors we are hoping your will consider adding a touch of “green” to your Wedding day. Whetheryou choose, trees, seed plantable seeded favors or beautiful flower bulbs ,our aspiration is simply to offer a large selection of earth-friendly guest gifts for your to choose from that may complement your individual styles on your Wedding Day.

At Plant a Memory favors & gifts we would not offer a favor we would not be proud to have at our own weddings.
We would move heaven and earth to make them work for you. Please consider an eco favor for your wedding guests because they are good for the environment, customized with your names and wedding date, they are unique gifts, many designs are artist-rendered & exclusive, they are beautifully presented down to the last detail and all of the favors say “Thank You” on the cards expressing gratitude in a thoughtful gift .

We are introducing our new Tree Seedling in a Box. We have been offering the tree seedlings favors for
several years and have struggled with the presentation. This year we havedesigned our own boxes .
The boxes and cards can be assembly completely ,well in advance of the wedding date, eliminating any last minute stress (with favors that is).

The box has a star cut out on the top , just have to pop the trees in a few days before the wedding, transport to the reception venue and you have a eco-chic table decoration your guests will love.

These trees are timeless wedding guest souveniers that will create “growing memories”  of your  life together year after year, beginning with your Wedding Day.

Hope you like our earth-friendly favors and thank you for sharing this blog with us.

Kind Regards,

Sheila( the idea person) , Robin( the details are important person)  & Amy( the efficient , I can do this faster than you person)  the girls at Plant a Memory Favors

Check out our facebook page for more crazy  articles we want to share with when we find them.





Peacock weddings are fun and unique, add a touch of blue and “green” with earth-friendly wedding favors like trees or flowers seeds as a memory of your Wedding Day.

peacock wedding colors are growing

peacock wedding colors are growing

Want a unique wedding theme and love peacocks? Put the two together and have an elegant peacock wedding using the brilliant colors of blue and green as an accent to your day. Having a peacock themed wedding is a way to step away from a traditional setting and make the wedding more personalized and fun. From invitations, decorations, thank you cards, and even the favors.  Blend

 Add a touch of “green” with earth-friendly tree or flower seed favors and create “growing memories” of you Wedding Day that will last forever.

wedding hairstyles for 2012 and updo or down do. What looks best on you?

A bride wants to look her loveliest on her wedding day, and there are countless possibilities when it comes to what to wear and how to style hair. For a bride who wants a trendy wedding, these things are doubly important to achieve a stunning look. Trends in weddings are easy to spot— watching runway shows about the hottest styles are a good start as well as taking note of celebrity hairstyles at award shows.

 Sensational and enchanting hairstyles are in vogue this wedding season— ballerina style updos and high buns are all the rage. There has been a strong emphasis on elegance recently, as Chignons and dramatic braids are also this season’s fad. To spice up your hairstyle, jewelry and various chic hair accessories can enhance your classy and sophisticated look, along with flowers.

 Adding a tiara or a veil to your wedding ensemble not only compliments your hairstyle, but adds an air of romance and grace to your appearance. Try not to overdo it, as an overly-lively hairstyle may take away from your beautiful dress and lovely smile. Vintage weddings are also stylish these days; finger waves from the 1920’s and 30’s have become fashionable once again, and retro styles are enjoying a lot of popularity.


wedding hairstyles

What looks best on you?

One of the most tedious things a bride has to choose is her dress and her hairstyle— and with so many choices this can be a tough decision to make. Nevertheless, with these tips, trends, and a little inspiration, you’ll soon have your hairstylist perfecting a lovely style for you.

By Len Walker



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