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Wedding flowers say it all.

    Flowers have always been a gift of love. Valentine’s day flowers are given expressing LOVE  and the most popular flower is The Rose.
In the Victorian times, suitors were mad about flowers, and everything that bloomed carried a special symbol.

When a young man wished to gain the affection of a certain young woman, he would send her posies that held secret messages. She would reply in kind with specific flowers that would either welcome or shun his attention.

Here’s a sampling of petal lore:

Ambroisa   -  “Love returned”
Burdock    -  ” Touch me not”
Camellia    – ” You are perfected loveliness”
Currant   -    ” Thy frown will kill me”
Daffoldil  -   ” Unrequited love”
narcissus  -    ”uncertainty”
Pansies  -     ” think of me”
Peach blossoms  – “Am I your captive?”
Pink rose  -      ” Our love is perfect happiness”
Ranunculus  –  ”Your are radiant with charm”
Red columbine  – “Anxious and trembling”
Wild Daisy  -      “I will think of it”          from the Little big Book for BRIDES

Flowers at at wedding are still one of the most important essential elements that are never left out.
Think of flowers for your wedding and what works for you. They can be the central theme of your wedding day.

Check out our daisy seed favors: he loves me , he loves me not, he loves me , we tied the knot.
Have a great week, Think Flowers it is one of our GREAT thought every day here at Tree & Floral Beginnings. Sheila, Robin & Amy





7 ways no 8 ways to green your wedding day

There is much talk of “greening” your wedding day . Sometimes it is as simple as having an outdoor ceremony or reception, including live plants in your reception decor or giving seeds or trees for guest thank you’s in honour of your new beginning. Whatever works for you is fantastic. We found this article by Tina Marie and loved the freshness of her earth-friendly consciousness and how it seeps into all parts of her life. It is a gift to be able to write and Tina Marie has that gift , thank you for sharing it with us all.

All for this week.: Regards, Sheila, Robin & Amy at Tree Beggings in Locke NY

wedding outdoors

outdoor wedding arbor






Greening your wedding is simple, chic and easy to do if
you follow just a few of these suggestions,

Eco-romantics about to tie the knot pay attention: Green Prophet has the scoop on making your day of love as green as possible without compromising on romance and style. From mass weddings in the Middle East to intimate ceremonies in your own backyard, here are 7 ways to leave a smaller carbon footprint when you walk down the aisle together.


  1. If you are exchanging rings, consider giving heirloom jewels or ethically mined and harvested diamonds, gold, gens and platinum.
  2. Wear vintage gowns and suits or those made from eco-fabrics.
  3. Use locally grown, pesticide free wildflowers and natural materials to decorate.
  4. Serve food and beverages made from organic, locally harvested produce and vineyards.
  5. If the wedding is to be indoors, rent out a building that is built to greener standards, or one that donates a percentage of profits to environmental causes.
  6. Consider a museum, an art gallery, botanical garden, historical home or cultural center for the reception.
  7. As much as possible, consider how you can minimize the power requirements of your wedding by maximizing the use of natural lighting and cooling/heating options.
  8. Instead of gifts, have your guests donate money to environmental or other causes that are important to the bride and groom.
  9. If you are going to give your guests any party favors, make theme  eco-conscious. Candles made from soy, small planted seedlings, chocolate or other tasty morsel provided by a vendor that engages in conscious commerce.

We promised you seven, but we gave you eight. That’s because  eco-weddings are about giving back more to your niche in this world.
Going green is chic, fashionable, timely and likely to make you and your guests remember your wedding as something different from the norm. Give
more in the ways that matter, and less in the ways that are wasteful.

Re printed with the permission of the author: Tina Marie Bernard


We thought these

Beautiful wedding venue

Ceremony Location :: Selby Gardens

We were given permission to share this beautiful celebration of love with you and showcase an Outdoor Wedding with Photography by stephanie a.smith.

These photos take my breath away. The girls at Plant a Memory favors are always enthusiasts for all things outdoors and fell in love when we came across these photos. The Wedding of Kyle & Justin seems like a naturally beautiful fairy tale come true.

This one is for sure going down in the books folks. I loved every little thing about this wedding and every little thing about this couple. Kyle and Justin held their outdoor garden wedding at Selby Gardens in Sarasota. The weather was perfect! The details were divine. And I don’t think you could ask for a cuter ring bearer….The girls are gonna be in trouble when he grows up :)

I literally was waiting all year for this wedding. After hearing about all the details, colors, style and set up I knew it was going to be something special. Well, it far exceeded any of my wildest expectations.


it is all in the details

outdoor wedding in a beautiful garden



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