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Plant a tree for Earth Day and take advice from a tree.

plant a tree for earth day

advice from a Tree

Stand tall and proud
Sink your roots into the earth
Be content with your natural beauty
Go out on a limb
Drink plenty of water
Remember your roots
Enjoy the view!

March 29, 2012
Earth Day is almost here – Join us in Celebrating our natural world.
See our April Promotion Below. Plant a tree for a Greener Tomorrow!
From all of us at Tree & Floral Beginnings , Locke ,NY

plant a tree for earth day

free tree seedlings, place your order in April


Give your guests a bit of sunshine to bring home with sunflower wedding favors. They grow like crazy and return every year to brighten up you garden beautify you life.

summer weddings are sensational with sunflowers

March 22, 2012: With this gorgous weather it started us thinking about summer weddings. The sunflower came to mind and they are super popular this year already. Enjoy the weather and hope it lasts.
Us at Tree & Floral Beginnings: Sheila, Robin & Amy

Summer weddings are sensational with sunflowers for decorations, color, brightness, and generally the uplifting feeling they generate.From the minute I saw this picture we all fell in love with the thought of Sunflowers as a Wedding Favors and Sunflowers as a Wedding theme for Summer Celebrations. They are simply stunning and bring the vitality of the sun as part of your wedding day.Sunflowers are a flower that makes everyone happy and why not spread the love by giving your guests a lasting gift of sunshine with some sunflower seeds to bring home and make their own sunshine. Their open faces symbolize the sun , conveying warmth and happiness, adoration and longevity, a lovely flower for weddings.Sensational sunflowers are highly decorative, with small centers and petals that range from pure gold to gold with brown. A true sun worshipper, its head follows the sun as it crosses the sky blooming in the summer.This "green" guest gift is especially wonderful for summer weddings, celebration the sunshine with unique flower wedding favors that live long beyond the day.Nature Inspired Seed Favors - This "green" gift is so eco-chic and popular this year we had to share it with you. Give your guests a touch of sunshine on your wedding day and brighten their lives as the flowers bloom year after year with sunflower wedding favors.


March 8, 2012: Plant a Memory favors is been around offering earth-friendly wedding favors for a while. Did you know we also have some awesomely,…more

March 8, 2012:
Plant a Memory favors is been around offering earth-friendly wedding favors for a while. Did you know we also have some awesomely, unique Baby Shower Favors !!!!
Well we do and this week we would like to introduce you to some “Cute as a Button” Plantable Favors that are our Best Sellers this year so far.

For the rest of March take advantage of FREE Shipping with this Promo Code:  SHIP2012.  All for now. Honour all of your special occasions in life with a celebration and remember them with the beauty of flowers. Thanks for the visit.
Sheila, Robin & Amy

go pink with pink baby cuttons favors to commemorate your new little one

pink baby buttons thank your guests over and over again

Available in : Pink, Blue, Yellow & Green

boy baby shower favors in baby blue

boy baby shower favors in baby blue

These nature inspired baby shower favors are amazing, unique guest party gifts. Each favor contains 4 colorful buttons full of wildflower seeds so you can plant them completely and will yield a wonderful garden of blooming flowers year after years.

Cute as a Button are one of a kind baby shower favors: distinct , different and dazzling.

green baby showers

green baby showers are earthy events





Each one an original, these unique guest gifts full of wildflowers, are to be planted completely.
Label & Message:  Round “Cute as a Button” label is placed on the back of the frosted envelope. These unforgettable handmade paper seeded favors create “growing memories” of your little one as they grow, a gift that lives long beyond the day.


go yellow with baby shower favors that are stunningly unqiue

be different, go yellow


Thank you message: Thank you for sharing this special day. Please plant these buttons to create a garden of lasting memories.

Your guests will be dazzled by these adorable gifts and they will remember your little one year after year as the wildflowers grow just like your child.







Baby shower is one occasion that is close to every parent’s heart. It is a blessed moment to welcome your baby. Although it has been a part of our tradition yet everyone wants to come up with new and trendy ideas of hosting a baby shower.



Listed below are some ideas for baby shower for 2012.



March 1. 2012 Since it is March , Wedding Season will soon be upon us. When ordering Wedding Favors brides and grooms are always asking…more

March 1. 2012
Since it is March , Wedding Season will soon be upon us. When ordering Wedding Favors brides and grooms are always asking when to place their orders. You can order anytime but we recommend ordering when you send out your invitations because you have a good idea of how many people you are expecting.

We came accross this article and thought it may be of interest to your. ENJOY! Sheila, Robin & Amy


I’ve had a lot of brides asking me about the timing of when to order and mail out their save the date cards and wedding invitations.  So here are some handy guidelines to help you stay on top of your wedding planning.
Corinne Leroux   Owner

Something Green Weddings

Save the Date Cards
Save the date cards are usually sent anywhere between six months to a year before the wedding.  When to send them depends on a few factors.  If you’re having a destination wedding, have a lot of out of town / international guests, or having your wedding on a popular date (such as New Year’s Eve), it’s best to send your save the date cards about a year out from the wedding.

save the wedding date

save the wedding date











If you’re having a lot of local guests, sending save the date cards anywhere up to six months ahead of the wedding is fine.

Wedding Invitations
Again, when to send your wedding invitations depends on where the wedding is being held, if your guests are local or out-of-towners, and also the size of the wedding.  Typically, invitations are mailed two to three months ahead of the wedding.  You can send some invitations to out of town guests earlier as well.  If you’re having a small wedding, or a wedding with mostly local guests sending invitations only six weeks before the wedding is also acceptable.

wedding invitations

wedding invitations

Other factors that may determine when to send your invitations could be dependant on when your venue(s) or caterer needs to have a confirmed number of guests.

Thank You Cards
Thank you cards should be mailed within three months of the wedding, but preferably the sooner the better.  Handwritten cards are considered proper etiquette and they also have a nice touch, showing you took the time to sit down and thank your guests for their gifts.  Always remember to mention what the gift was in your thank you card. If money was given, do not mention the amount, but you can thank the guest for their “generous gift” and how it will help you after your wedding (ie. Travel, honeymoon).

wedding thank you cards

wedding thank you cards

Now that you have these important timelines of when to send different kinds of wedding cards, you might be wondering what our turnaround time is for having cards printed.

It’s actually pretty quick!

If you’re selecting a design from the store and would like some colour and text changes, we can have a proof ready for your approval within the same day.  If you would like a custom design done, an initial proof can be ready within a week.  The design process varies depending on how many changes you would like made, but once the proof is approved printing takes two to three business days.

For local orders within the lower mainland, we can have delivery done as quickly as same day service if using a local eco courier!  In the rest of BC, delivery is 2 to 3 business days, and for the rest of Canada delivery is 4 to 5 business days.  If you’re ordering from the U.S., delivery is anywhere from 5 to 9 business days.




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