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There are many reasons to hold your fall weddings outdoors, but the ability to incorporate trees and other natural elements is one the most compelling. This article provides some ideas you can use to incorporate trees into your fall weddings.


fall weddings

Grow memories of your Wedding Day that last a Lifetime!

The tree is the perfect symbol of everlasting love and romance for fall weddings, incorporating trees into your Outdoor Ceremony is a natural choice. Some of the famous Redwood trees in California have been witness to thousands of years of history, and there are reports of trees that date back to the time when humans first roamed the earth. With so much history and symbolism behind them, it is no wonder so many wedding planners are incorporating trees into their celebrations. Fall Weddings are perfect venues to celebrate trees and giving them to your guests would be a wonderful gesture creating a forest.

From lining the aisle at an outdoor wedding ceremony to infusing reception centerpieces with the boughs of an evergreen, there are many different ways for trees to play a role in your special day. Many brides and grooms choose to incorporate tree seedlings into their pre-wedding festivities as well, giving the gift of small trees to the guests at their bridal showers and rehearsal dinners. Once planted, those trees can serve as eternal reminders of the love they are meant to celebrate.

While trees can play a beautiful role in your wedding at any time of year, they really shine during the autumn season. More and more brides are choosing the fall of the year for their weddings – and with good reason. The fall tends to be a less busy time for weddings, and that can mean lower prices on wedding staples like catering and photography and better availability for in-demand venues like country clubs and exclusive resorts.

If you do plan to have a fall weddings, there are many reasons to consider an outdoor ceremony bedecked by trees in their full autumn foliage. In many parts of the country the fall offers the best weather of the year, with pleasantly warm nights and cool evenings that are perfect for dancing at an outdoor stage.

Couples can make their outdoor fall weddings shine even more by incorporating the natural colors of the trees into their wedding colors. From the bright oranges and reds of the changing maple trees to more subdued shades like yellows and browns, the trees put on a great show during the autumn season. Using different shades of those same colors in your wedding flowers, bouquets, floral arrangements and table centerpieces is a great way to create a unified look for your special day.

No matter how you choose to incorporate trees into your wedding ceremony, you can be sure that your choices will make a lasting impression on your guests. There is nothing like the beauty of nature to compliment the enduring nature of your relationship and your love.

by Beconrad


August Weddings are extremely popular and it is difficult to decide what Flowers to pick.  We want to celebrate Summer but some of the flowers…more

August Weddings are extremely popular and it is difficult to decide what Flowers to pick.  We want to celebrate Summer but some of the flowers are drooping and don’t look as stunning as they did at their peak.

Perennials are always a good choice. They don’t necessarily bloom the first year, but they will be back the next year to brighten your garden with their blooms. Wildflowers are always a good choice along with the perennials of Shasta Daisy. Butterfly Garden Mix is a easy to grow mix with 2 perennials and 2 annuals, wonderful for August flowers in the southern United States.

Lily wedding flowers

lilies represent hope

But we really wanted to bring your attention to Flower Bulb Favors. They are presented in recycled paper boxes of original design. The ribbon wraps around the back and ties in the front for a lovely  presentation for the personalized cards.

Choose from

 Lilies  available all year round
Tulips - available starting August 18th Wedding Dates
&   Iris   -  available starting August 11th Wedding Dates

tulip wedding flowers for august wedding

Tulips symbolize eternal happiness

&   Iris    –  available starting August 11th Wedding Dates

These unique flower wedding favors are  totally crowd pleasers. They come  2 flower bulbs  nestled in a bed of dried green moss like a nest and accented with your choice of brilliant raffia ribbon. Ribbon to complement your wedding colors or theme.

iris wedding flowers are classy

The beauty of the Iris , signifies that we carry a bit of heaven wherever we go

This thoughtful gift of flowers is lasting remembrance, they are unique, gorgeous table decorations, can complement your flowers and colors, they are adorable and easy to plant and grow. Your friends and family will remember your wedding for years to come when the flowers bloom every year at their homes.

Also availabe in white gift boxes the flower bulbs will absolutely harmonize with your wedding style.

We have been offering Flower Bulb Fall Favors for over 12 years . They are beautiful guest wedding gifts and beautiful when they bloom every spring. Tulips are one of the first signs of life in the spring, Iris bloom a bit later and Lilies in June.

Plant a Memory with your wedding favors and your special day will live on in the hearts and gardens of your friends and family .
Happy Summer, enjoy the flowers.


Sheila, Robin, Amy




Capture the Colors One of the most romantic times of the year to get married is the fall. It’s such a colourful season with a…more

colors for fall weddings
Capture the Colors

One of the most romantic times of the year to get married is the fall. It’s such a colourful season with a vibrant and beautiful back drop for your dream wedding. Here are some great ideas to help you create the perfect fall themes for your special day with the Hottest 2012 Fall Wedding Colors.

Colors are at the top of the list of important choices when it comes to wedding themes. Fall weddings offer an array of rich colors to work  with. Think of the beautiful, picturesque bouquets of leaves autumn trees offer each year. From deep greens,  earthy browns and gorgeous plum and burgundy tones. These  colors  can be blended and mixed in any way you can imagine. And even though they are more   warm toned colors, if you love the idea of using silver, don’t worry. They will all work together perfectly. With any of these colors mixed or matched, you will be sure to create a unique and beautiful atmosphere for your special day.

There are also many incredible creative and fun fall themed wedding favors you can go with. The tree and leaf are probably the most iconic symbols of fall and something you can incorporate into almost anything. From charmingly whimsical to unique and classic, the options are endless. Here are some fun ideas to get you started.

By Alex Drake

Fall wedding colors almost always complement “green”. Consider a tree theme for an outdoor wedding and give your guests a little bit of nature to bring home and remember your Wedding day.

tree wedding favors
For a really beautiful and unique fall favor choose the plantable tree paper. Handmade paper with tree seed embedded in the paper . These are fabulous , every one an original. Plant them and the trees wil GROW!
tree fall favors cards
plant the paper and trees will GROW

Give beautiful Evergreen Seed Favors and decorate with evergreen boughs for a rustic outdoor look.
green wedding favors

original favors for guests












Fall Leaves are always a bit part of this great season.
” Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” — Jim Bishop

The Leaf Seed Favors are stunning table decorations and popular with the herbal garden mix seed.

leaves for fall weddings

Fall in Love




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