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 Tips for a Botanical Garden Wedding Theme With the continuing popularity of all things organic and green, choosing a botanical  theme for your wedding is a…more

botanical garden weddings for 2012

grow memories with botanical garden weddings

 Tips for a Botanical Garden Wedding Theme

With the continuing popularity of all things organic and green, choosing a botanical  theme for your wedding is a great choice if you want your special day to be trendy, yet classically beautiful. Getting married at a Botanical Garden is a eco-chic wedding venue that is becoming really ideal for several reasons. It is beautiful with all the flowers and plants for decoation. The photos turn out tremdous with all the colorful flowers and plants and your guests will enjoy the venue as it is unique and fun. Here are some ideas for unique wedding decorations for your bouquets, corsages, centerpieces and beyond.

The first things you must determine are your wedding colors. If you are unsure, think about the season of your wedding. You can have a botanical wedding during the winter or fall, but the seasons evoke different color combinations than a spring wedding. Let the flowers that bloom in your preferred season be your guide. For example: holly or amaryllis for winter, tulips and peonies for spring, roses for summer, and dahlias for autumn.

If you want something a little different for your theme you can go with fresh greenery, like ferns or ivy. There are quite a few flowers that come in green too, such as button mums and lady slipper orchids. It’s fine to experiment with lots of flowers, but try to keep the number of main colors in your scheme down to 3 or fewer so that it is easier to coordinate. Also, keep the location of your wedding in mind when deciding on flowers and colors. Cute, delicate colorsmight not match with a traditional, stately church with dark woodwork, for instance.

Onceyou have your colors and preferred flowers for centerpieces and bouquets inmind, it might be fun to think of creative ways to incorporate your botanicaltheme into the other parts of your wedding.  Find or make invitations and programs emblazoned with images of your flowers. Give favors related to your theme. Seed packets or flower bulbs are unique and memorable examples. The possibilities for your lovely botanical wedding are only limited by your imagination so have some fun with it.

Lisa Partridge

March 18, 2013
Outdoor Weddings are fantastic opportunities for photography and fun. Give lasting wedding favors like flowers and trees to create growing memories of your wedding day.


There are many reasons to hold your fall weddings outdoors, but the ability to incorporate trees and other natural elements is one the most compelling. This article provides some ideas you can use to incorporate trees into your fall weddings.


fall weddings

Grow memories of your Wedding Day that last a Lifetime!

The tree is the perfect symbol of everlasting love and romance for fall weddings, incorporating trees into your Outdoor Ceremony is a natural choice. Some of the famous Redwood trees in California have been witness to thousands of years of history, and there are reports of trees that date back to the time when humans first roamed the earth. With so much history and symbolism behind them, it is no wonder so many wedding planners are incorporating trees into their celebrations. Fall Weddings are perfect venues to celebrate trees and giving them to your guests would be a wonderful gesture creating a forest.

From lining the aisle at an outdoor wedding ceremony to infusing reception centerpieces with the boughs of an evergreen, there are many different ways for trees to play a role in your special day. Many brides and grooms choose to incorporate tree seedlings into their pre-wedding festivities as well, giving the gift of small trees to the guests at their bridal showers and rehearsal dinners. Once planted, those trees can serve as eternal reminders of the love they are meant to celebrate.

While trees can play a beautiful role in your wedding at any time of year, they really shine during the autumn season. More and more brides are choosing the fall of the year for their weddings – and with good reason. The fall tends to be a less busy time for weddings, and that can mean lower prices on wedding staples like catering and photography and better availability for in-demand venues like country clubs and exclusive resorts.

If you do plan to have a fall weddings, there are many reasons to consider an outdoor ceremony bedecked by trees in their full autumn foliage. In many parts of the country the fall offers the best weather of the year, with pleasantly warm nights and cool evenings that are perfect for dancing at an outdoor stage.

Couples can make their outdoor fall weddings shine even more by incorporating the natural colors of the trees into their wedding colors. From the bright oranges and reds of the changing maple trees to more subdued shades like yellows and browns, the trees put on a great show during the autumn season. Using different shades of those same colors in your wedding flowers, bouquets, floral arrangements and table centerpieces is a great way to create a unified look for your special day.

No matter how you choose to incorporate trees into your wedding ceremony, you can be sure that your choices will make a lasting impression on your guests. There is nothing like the beauty of nature to compliment the enduring nature of your relationship and your love.

by Beconrad


Your wedding centerpieces are very important and play a big part in setting the mood at your reception. Getting creative with your centerpieces is a fantastic way to express you style and imagination and complement your theme, color or vibe.

Your wedding centerpieces are very important and play a big part in setting the mood at your reception. Getting creative with your centerpieces is a fantastic way to express you style and imagination and complement your theme, color or vibe.

Floral Bouquet Center Piece with Flower Petals Favors

flowers are the best centerpices

Say it with flowers



















Mason Jars make Beautiful “Vintage” Centerpieces

flowers are traditional wedding elements

Easy and Fun














Terra Cotta Pots are Perfect for a Rustic Touch – Bridal Shower Seed Favors in Clay Pots

bridal shower centerpieces

rustic bridal showers


















Candles are Always a Popular Centerpice – Add a few details and create a Romantic Touch

beeswax candles centerpieces for green weddings

green weddings love beeswax
























Wedding Centerpieces are the Center of Attention – Flowers & Candles are always Beautiful

Wood base for centerpiece

Flowers and Lace Work


Burlap accents for rustic weddings are perfect by giving trees seedlings in natural burlap for guests to remember your day .

We came across this Burlap creation and thought about our trees in natural burlap. Many of the brides we speak with want to include some burlap

into  their wedding ceremony in a tasteful manner. This burlap table cloth really looks great. Small pieces of burlap like napkin rings and table runners can be really attractive and give an amazing rustic feel. Add some raffia ribbon and you have a perfect match. You can purchase burlap at your fabric stores in a stunning array of colors.
Check out our tree seedlings in natural burlap. They are amazing table decorations and can complement your wedding theme by choosing the raffia ribbon to match. This “green” wedding favor is created 100% from nature with a tree seedling, nestled in natural burlap , customized with names/message on imprinted recycled paper and finished with colorful raffia ribbon. Tree favors in burlap are a “natural ” for rustic weddings. Give trees,  are meaningful gifts with quality tree seedlings for your guests to plant and watch grow as your love grows year to year. Tree favors for Weddings are unique , eco-friendly gifts that will inspire a greener tomorrow. Burlap , a Touch of “green”for Rustic Weddings is a natural accent.
May 11, 2012: Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there. May is such a happy month with the beautiful weather, enjoy it. Sheila, Robin, Amy
give green favors at your wedding because they last a lifetime

trees will last a lifetime


Grow memoies of your wedding day , give a tree , wedding favors that last a lifetime.

April 9, 2012: It is all about trees this month from us at the Farmhouse.
Celebrate your special occasions in life with lasting memories by giving your guests a special gift that will live on in their hearts.
Place your order in April and receive 2 free tree seedlings to Plant a Memory for a Greener Tomorrow!
Happy Earth Month. How is it going so far? Sheila, Robin & Amy


Most often, couples would want their wedding to be unique and to be memorable.

A wedding is a time for the couple to celebrate as their two hearts become one. They would want to share this celebration with people close to them, including family and friends. One way that a couple can show their appreciation to their wedding guests for celebrating their union with them and at the same time spice up the wedding themes in each tables, is by giving them wedding favors which they can bring home as keepsakes. This would serve as a remembrance for your guests which would allow them to reminisce the time when they were a part of your special day.

Source: oncewed.com via Bethany on Pinterest


Why not have the memories grow with lasting guest gifts of seeds or trees.
Celebrate the Earth this year by giving your guests the strength of a Tree , the beauty of Flowers or the essence of herbs.
Choose from our selection of over 200 earth-friendly favors and create “growing memories ” of your Wedding Day .
April is Earth Month and April 22nd is Earth Day. If you purchase your favors in April we will give you  2 tree seedlings that will grow with your marriage and remind you of this spectacular time in you life.

give trees, create growing memories

give trees, create growing memories


We thought these

Beautiful wedding venue

Ceremony Location :: Selby Gardens

We were given permission to share this beautiful celebration of love with you and showcase an Outdoor Wedding with Photography by stephanie a.smith.

These photos take my breath away. The girls at Plant a Memory favors are always enthusiasts for all things outdoors and fell in love when we came across these photos. The Wedding of Kyle & Justin seems like a naturally beautiful fairy tale come true.

This one is for sure going down in the books folks. I loved every little thing about this wedding and every little thing about this couple. Kyle and Justin held their outdoor garden wedding at Selby Gardens in Sarasota. The weather was perfect! The details were divine. And I don’t think you could ask for a cuter ring bearer….The girls are gonna be in trouble when he grows up :)

I literally was waiting all year for this wedding. After hearing about all the details, colors, style and set up I knew it was going to be something special. Well, it far exceeded any of my wildest expectations.


it is all in the details

outdoor wedding in a beautiful garden


grow with it – Outdoor weddings are taking off. The photography is exceptional and the expense is minimal.

green weddings are eco chic

go green be inspirational

Outdoor weddings are extremely popular among couples who want to incorporate nature into their celebrations and share their love of the outdoors with their guests. In addition to encouraging loved ones to give back to the earth, there are many great reasons to give tree seedlings or seed packets as wedding favors.

They are symbolic of the couples growing love, they are versatile and easy to personalize, and they are budget-friendly and simple to make.
Not just for spring or summer weddings, seeds or tree seedlings make thoughtful, green, favors any time of the year. While most are easy to assemble and personalize, it helps to choose a flower or tree that will be easy for your guests to plant and maintain.
The symbolism of planting seedlings is unmistakable. It is a romantic reminder for your guests that your love will grow indefinitely. They can wish you well each year as they witness the growth of the flowers or trees that they planted in your honor.
Your options aren’t limited to seed packets. You can give out bulbs in votive candles, for example, creating an attractive table centerpiece or place setting, as well as a favor. Think beyond traditional plants and consider herbs, or surprise guests by placing seeds in matchbooks instead of matches.

Finally, you will inspire your guests to think “green” and plant for a greener tomorrow.  Earth-friendly favors can be accented with containers as simple as a paper packet or as elegant as a small bamboo box or metal tin. The important part is to make them a representation of your love and a remembrance of your special day.

by Katie Testa





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