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At this time of year there are lots of reasons you may need to send a “Thank You” note and you might be struggling to…more

At this time of year there are lots of reasons you may need to send a “Thank You” note and you might be struggling to find the right words? Well fear not, here is our quick guide to some awesome ideas for wording thank you notes…

Thank You Notes

1. Use a Quote!

There are hundreds of quotation websites out there where you can find some great inspiration for wording thank you notes, one of our favorites is www.great-quotes.com

We simply searched under the “gratitude” keyword and found some perfect wording for a thank you note;

“Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind.”
- Lionel Hampton

2. Say Thank You in a Different Language

thank you note for every language

Below are listed just a few different ways to say Thank You in a different language, you can use these clever ways to say thanks in your own thank you notes;
Afrikaans: Dankie (standard) Ta (children’s language)
Dutch: Dank u (formal) or Dank je
French: Merci
German: Formal: Vielen Dank, Informal: Danke
Japanese: Formal: Domo arigato. Informal: Arigato
Latin: Gratias Ago
Portuguese: Obrigado (male) / Obrigada(female)
Russian: Спасибо (spa-SI-ba)
Serbian: Hvala
Spanish: Gracias
Swedish: Tack

3. Get Creative and Crafty

You don’t have to use many words just so long as you get creative with the presentation of your Thank You note. Try using different types of paper and materials. A great eco friendly way to present your wording is by using some recycled cardboard or wood, we found this great example which was made using tree bark!

Bark Thank You with Envelope

4. Follow the Steps A to F

If you have your heart set on writing a traditional thank you note then you can follow these simple steps;
A) Open With a Greeting:
Dear John & Jill,

B) Express Your Thanks:
Thank you so much for the slippers.

C) Tell Them How You Will Use the Gift:
It gets hot here in the summer, so the ice chest will be perfect for picnics this year.

D) Mention the Past and Look to the Future:
It was great to see you at the wedding, and I hope to see you in the new year.

E) Words of Gratitude:
Many thanks for the perfect gift.

F) Close With Regards
Best wishes,
Katie & Martin

5. Collect Great Ideas with a Guest Book

The easiest way to get inspiration for wording your thank you notes is to collect words from the gift givers themselves, if you have a guest book at your event then it makes it so much easier to send out your notes to everyone afterwards.

Wording Thank You Notes - Collect Thoughts with a Guest Book

Wording Thank You Notes - Collect Thoughts with a Guest Book

We hope you enjoyed our quick guide to working thank you notes, we would love to hear your experiences so feel free to leave a comment.


wedding centerpieces with gerber daisies

potted plants for centerpieces
Growing Trend

Potted Plants as Wedding Centerpieces – a “Growing” Trend

 Bring Mother Nature in and inspire your guests with living potted flowers and herbs.  The remarkable thing about using plant centerpieces is that they are a growing symbol of your new life together, inspirational for your guests and project your eco-commitment from this day forward.

Gerber Daisies are our favorite potted plants because their brilliant colors pop on the reception tables. Forget-me-not’s, roses and lavender are attractive centerpieces. These flowers work well because they are a popular nursery plant which makes them easy to find. Rosemary and   basil are wonderful plotted herbs and are guest favorites, with an abundance of “green” points due to their culinary popularity and familiar scents.

Advantages of potted plant centerpieces in your wedding:

- They are surprisingly affordable from your local florist / nursery or can be planted far in advance

- Potted flower or herbs as centerpieces are unique table name/number holders

- There is no risk of the flower getting fatigued with weather and sitting for long periods of time.   They can be arranged days in advance, avoiding the last minute rush.

- Plants can be placed in decorative containers and finished with complementary ribbon to complement your colors or theme.

- They are available in a massive selection of colors, sizes, shapes that can tie in with the overall style or theme.

     Flowers and herbs embrace the something “green” trend in 2009 as we become more aware of the natural world around us. Complement with eco-friendly seed favor guest gifts for a wedding they will remember forever.

Sheila Sheffield,
Plant a Memory for a greener tomorrow.


Cherry blossoms remind us of the beauty of nature, give flower seed for blooms that flourishin your garden year after year.

Cherry Blossom Seed Favors
Beautiful Blooms

These unique wedding favors are a brilliant pink in color. They remind us of the beautiful cherry blossoms that flouish on our cherry tree every year.

Give flower seeds to your wedding guests for a lasting reminder of your Wedding day. Their gardens will blossom with flower petals year after year . The perfection of a single flower petal always amazes me . They grow every year without fail and give us joy with they beauty and life.
Enjoy the cherry blossoms this spring think of planting gardens for fun and lasting memories.
Check out our Cherry Blossom Secrect Seed Garden and Plant a Memory for a greener tomorrow.

Colorado wedding bridal show. April 17, 2011.

 give "green" wedding favors

give green wedding favors

Visit us at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show and experience our unqiue “green” favors up close and personal.
Colorado Blue Spruce would be the perfect wedding favor or the area and we have plenty of choices if you want to grow your own. Inspire you wedding guests , choose a favor with lasting memories of your weddings day and help the planet. It is a win, win, win situation. Hope to see you there, we can hardly wait.




Green weddings are popping up all over, celebrate your wedding and leave your guests with a wee bit of green for memories that live long beyond the day.

Green weddings
It is never too late!

Celebrate love at any age, maybe it just gets better and better.

For Ted Buhlis and ClaraBelle Casey Feb. 14 was a very special Valentine’s Day. It was their first one as newlyweds.Buhlis, 79, and Casey, 73, of Mt. Morris Township were married on Jan. 15 after meeting only a few months earlier.

“Well, we fell love. We loved each other, so I asked her to marry me,” Buhlis said. “We’re not getting any younger. Make the most out of life while you can.”

The happy couple spent the day surrounded by red, pink and purple balloons , sunflowers and others they knew at the Flushing Senior Center’s Valentine’s Day Party.
The bride’s daughter Wenona planned the entire celebration and made her mothers day also a celebration of everying Green. Leave your guests with a touch of green with favors that live well beyond the day.

green wedding favors
“growing memories” for special memories

The guests were presented with these adorable sunflower seed in eco box favors. Sunflowers turn to follow the sun. Their open faces symbolize the sun itself, conveying warmth and happiness, adoration and longevity, a wonderful flower for all new beginnings. The wedding party are busy assembling the adorable sunflower seed kits, a family affair. These personalized wedding favors were a bit hit .


Visit us at our shows and get 10% promo code and save when ordering favors online.

Sheraton University Hotel

We came and enjoyed every minute

We had a great time, thanks to all the bride,grooms, mother of the brides, grandmother of the bride, mother of the groom, ring bearer and flower girls that visited out booth. We would like to congradulate Jessica , the winner of 100 free gerber daisy seed favors, that are adorable.

I think everyone liked the plantable hearts and butterflies  best as well as the gerber daisies. A special thank you to the Sheraton Hotel for hosting the show. It was like a cocktail party, everyone was really friendly and having fun.
Join us next Saturday in Ithaca NY at the Mall Show and Sunday we are in Illinois giving away seed favors and kits at the Four Rivers Environmental Education Center Preserve:McKinley Woods. Remember to use the 10% discount on seed favors we give away at the shows!



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