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   ”Trees” as a Wedding Theme: Six Quick Tips By Tamatha Campbell It is often easier to plan a memorable wedding celebration if you choose…more


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Outdoor Weddings Perfect for Tree Theme

 ”Trees” as a Wedding Theme: Six Quick Tips

By Tamatha Campbell

It is often easier to plan a memorable wedding celebration if you choose a theme for the party. For the eco-conscious couple, “trees” make a great theme.

Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding is beautiful, if the weather cooperates. Parks, public gardens, and orchards are all possible venues. Check with local orchard farmers and the local tourist bureau to see what is available nearby.

Wedding Decorations:

 Bringing the Outdoors Inside.

If the weather in your area is not likely to be good, you might want to bring the outdoors inside. Consider using trees in pots instead of flowers for the decorations. These are often available from florists, garden centers, and even grocery stores for reasonable prices. If you choose a local variety, it can really add to the celebration to plant the tree, perhaps at or after the reception, as a symbol of the lifetime commitment of marriage.

Wedding Favors

Tiny seedlings in burlap pouches and seeds accompanied by peat plugs are increasingly popular as wedding favors. They are inexpensive, eco-friendly, and fun. Mini Seed kits are also fun, but these are simply seeds and peat plugs with small accessories.

Wedding Cake with Tree Theme

An experienced cake-decorator can produce many lovely tree-themed wedding cakes. It is a simple matter to form the trunks out of chocolate icing along the sides of the cake, and then to add green leaves. It is also possible to construct a cake topper out of piped chocolate, so that the tree stands up.

Bridal Party Colors

Dark greens such as pine green, forest green, and hunter green make fine bridal party colors. These are colors that look nice on most people. If you use a range of greens, each of your bridesmaids can choose the shade that looks best with her skin tone. White, gold, yellow, silver, and lavender are all lovely accents colors on dark green. 

Costumed Wedding

If you like the idea of a costumed wedding, a Robin Hood theme goes well with the “tree” idea. Your wedding party and guests can have fun making simple (or elaborate!) costumes that fit the popular image of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, instead of hauling out the usual formal or semi-formal attire.

 A “tree” theme can really pull the party together, without taking away from the real reason for the celebration. Why not celebrate your commitment to each other with a theme that shows your commitment to the Earth?

March 27, 2013 – a great article leading up to Earth Day
Sheila,Robin, Amy




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