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Burlap accents for rustic weddings are perfect by giving trees seedlings in natural burlap for guests to remember your day .

We came across this Burlap creation and thought about our trees in natural burlap. Many of the brides we speak with want to include some burlap

into  their wedding ceremony in a tasteful manner. This burlap table cloth really looks great. Small pieces of burlap like napkin rings and table runners can be really attractive and give an amazing rustic feel. Add some raffia ribbon and you have a perfect match. You can purchase burlap at your fabric stores in a stunning array of colors.
Check out our tree seedlings in natural burlap. They are amazing table decorations and can complement your wedding theme by choosing the raffia ribbon to match. This “green” wedding favor is created 100% from nature with a tree seedling, nestled in natural burlap , customized with names/message on imprinted recycled paper and finished with colorful raffia ribbon. Tree favors in burlap are a “natural ” for rustic weddings. Give trees,  are meaningful gifts with quality tree seedlings for your guests to plant and watch grow as your love grows year to year. Tree favors for Weddings are unique , eco-friendly gifts that will inspire a greener tomorrow. Burlap , a Touch of “green”for Rustic Weddings is a natural accent.
May 11, 2012: Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there. May is such a happy month with the beautiful weather, enjoy it. Sheila, Robin, Amy
give green favors at your wedding because they last a lifetime

trees will last a lifetime


This article reminds brides that their wedding will not be the only time they will want party favors to commemorate a special occasion. It capitalizes on the bride’s current interest in purchasing party favors and seeds to make her a lifetime customer for personalized promotional products.

wedding party favors

create a garden of love with seeds

When you’re busy planning your wedding it’s difficult to see beyond that one special day. But the fact is, your wedding is the start of a lifetime of special occasions. You’ll soon find yourself planning many other events, including anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, graduations, holidays and more. Your new family will want to enjoy all of these special times with your loved ones and friends.

You could start a tradition now that carries through the years ahead. Consider choosing party favors for weddings that becomes a family’s trademark or theme.

Personalized seed packets would be a perfect choice. Seeds convey many different messages: the blossoming of your love, the birth of a new baby, another year older, even a living memorial to someone who has recently passed. You can give a different flower for every occasion, creating a virtual garden of love for your family and friends.

Another choice for this tradition is an edible party favor, including mints, candy or delicate packets of tea. All of these convey the sweet memories of your special occasions, and you can personalize their wrappers or containers with whatever message you wish.

With so many personalized favors to choose from, maybe you’d prefer to give something different for every occasion. That’s a great tradition too, because each invitation you send will start your friends guessing as to what you’ll be giving them this time.

No matter what products you decide to use as your traditional family favor, you will have found a way to extend your events into long and pleasant memories. This is certainly something to consider as you search for your personalized wedding item. After all, you’re not just creating one special day, but a lifetime of special occasions.

May 2, 2012
Things are great these days at the Farmhouse and we continue to be busy with weddings, showers, baptisms and first communions. Graduations will start to pour in soon as well.

TIPS: The fall bulbs are blooming Daffodils and now the Tulips. Time to start thinking about summer plans. We usually recommend ordering your guest favors about 4-6 weeks prior to your event date and avoid last minuite stress. Our regular delivery is 10 business days, so start thinking about flowers and trees and herbs for your upcoming event.
Kind Regards, Plant a Memory, Sheila, Robin, Amy


Peacock weddings are fun and unique, add a touch of blue and “green” with earth-friendly wedding favors like trees or flowers seeds as a memory of your Wedding Day.

peacock wedding colors are growing

peacock wedding colors are growing

Want a unique wedding theme and love peacocks? Put the two together and have an elegant peacock wedding using the brilliant colors of blue and green as an accent to your day. Having a peacock themed wedding is a way to step away from a traditional setting and make the wedding more personalized and fun. From invitations, decorations, thank you cards, and even the favors.  Blend

 Add a touch of “green” with earth-friendly tree or flower seed favors and create “growing memories” of you Wedding Day that will last forever.

grow with it – Outdoor weddings are taking off. The photography is exceptional and the expense is minimal.

green weddings are eco chic

go green be inspirational

Outdoor weddings are extremely popular among couples who want to incorporate nature into their celebrations and share their love of the outdoors with their guests. In addition to encouraging loved ones to give back to the earth, there are many great reasons to give tree seedlings or seed packets as wedding favors.

They are symbolic of the couples growing love, they are versatile and easy to personalize, and they are budget-friendly and simple to make.
Not just for spring or summer weddings, seeds or tree seedlings make thoughtful, green, favors any time of the year. While most are easy to assemble and personalize, it helps to choose a flower or tree that will be easy for your guests to plant and maintain.
The symbolism of planting seedlings is unmistakable. It is a romantic reminder for your guests that your love will grow indefinitely. They can wish you well each year as they witness the growth of the flowers or trees that they planted in your honor.
Your options aren’t limited to seed packets. You can give out bulbs in votive candles, for example, creating an attractive table centerpiece or place setting, as well as a favor. Think beyond traditional plants and consider herbs, or surprise guests by placing seeds in matchbooks instead of matches.

Finally, you will inspire your guests to think “green” and plant for a greener tomorrow.  Earth-friendly favors can be accented with containers as simple as a paper packet or as elegant as a small bamboo box or metal tin. The important part is to make them a representation of your love and a remembrance of your special day.

by Katie Testa




tips for a greener wedding, a growing trend.

Many brides in the modern world are looking for a way to make their weddings more unique, and more environmentally responsible. This trend toward green weddings has been growing for a number of years, and environmentally responsible weddings are expected to gain further traction going forward. If you are getting married and planning your own wedding, there are some things you can do to make your own celebration greener and more environmentally friendly.

Just use these tips for a greener and more environmentally responsible wedding day: Outdoor wedding photograhpy is beautiful, let nature be your decorator!

 Choose locally grown flowers in season. Buying flowers from far away means that they must be shipped thousands of miles, which wastes precious fossil fuels and increases your environmental impact.

 Print your wedding invitations, place cards and menus on recycled paper. You can find some great invitations and other printed materials, all from companies that use recycled paper.

 Wear a family heirloom wedding gown, or pick up a dress from your local vintage clothing store. Vintage wedding gowns are sure to be unique, and they are a green alternative to traditional wedding garb.

 Give your guests bird seed hearts to hang in your yards and feed the birds, instead of rice. Birds can be harmed when they ingest dry grains of rice and it expands in their stomachs. If you want to include confetti in your celebration, choose a variety made with recycled paper.

 Give environmentally friendly party favors like seed packets and tree seedlings to the guests at your rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception. Your guests will think of you and your wedding day every time they look at their gardens or back yards.
by beconrad


Plant a tree by giving them as gifts at weddings and special events because they help the environment, help control water,
help stabilize the soil, help provide sade and shelter.

Plant a tree for future generations
to plant a tree , you don’t have to be a forester!

Trees Help the Environment: Three More Reasons to Plant a Tree
It seems that everyone knows that trees purify the air by taking in contaminants and releasing oxygen. They consume huge quantities of carbon dioxide, cutting down on greenhouse gasses in the air. That’s not all they do, however.

 Trees Stabilize the Soil
Big trees need big roots. Some kinds of trees grow their roots outward, and some grow them downward. Either way, those roots hold onto a lot of dirt and debris. Trees have roots systems that are strong enough to keep the topsoil in place, instead of allowing dry soil to be blown away by the wind. When an area loses its trees, it seems to be only a matter of time before it also loses the rest of its plantlife. 

 In wetter and snowier conditions, it isn’t only the wind that threatens the soil. Trees hold the sides of hills together, preventing many landslides. On a smaller scale, they also help keep the soil from sliding into the rivers and lakes. This allows waterside plants a chance to grow and give river animals a safe place to dig their burrows.

 Trees Control Water
In the same way that the trees hold onto the soil, if you plant a tree they also hold onto water. Flood damage tends to be more severe in places that have lost their trees. The soil gets washed away, and there is little to slow the torrents.

 Some kinds of trees pull water up from deep in the ground, releasing some of it from their leaves into the air through transpiration. It is well-known that trees don’t survive well in desert conditions. Did you know that they also help to prevent desertification by recycling the groundwater?

 Trees Provide Shade and Shelter
 Have you ever wondered why so many small farm fields are surrounded by narrow lines of trees? Those trees break up the wind, sheltering the crops from harsh weather. Trees serve as wind-breaks in nature, too, allowing other plants to colonize the clearings and providing shelter for wildlife.

 Trees along rivers and creeks shade the water, keeping it cool enough for the fish to survive. Warm water holds less dissolved oxygen than cool water. If the trees are cut down from the creek banks, the water overheats during the summer. This suffocates the fish. The bacteria which feed on the sudden wealth of dead fish use up more oxygen, and kill more fish.

 When you consider all the important things that trees do for the environment, it makes sense that planting more trees is a good thing to do. Giving people trees to plant can inspire friends and family to plant  a tree for for a greener tomorrow.

By Tamatha Campbell


Although Basil is known to bring about prosperity, love spells are the general domain for this treasured herb. It is used to soothe communication between two people, to draw a lover to you and to celebrate love. Basil can be tucked fresh or dried into a sachet and carried to strengthen feelings of love.

Cast a LOVE Spell with Basil!

basil casts a spell

Basil is best known for its properties to aid and strengthen love. Although Basil is known to bring about prosperity, love spells are the general domain for this treasured herb. It is used to soothe communication between two people, to draw a lover to you and to celebrate love. Basil can be tucked fresh or dried into a sachet and carried to strengthen feelings of love.

Who knew? Why not spread some LOVE around at your wedding by giving your guest memorable favors of basil in adorable eco boxes .

The ancient Romans believed that the mere smell of basil inspired love. Thus, a woman seeding true love needed merely to hand the object of her affection a spring of basil, and he would be here forever.
Its name comes from the Greek word for “royal”, basilikon. a perennial in warm climates, it is easy to grow and thrives in containers. its small white flowers should be be pruned in order to induce vigorous growth of the tasty leaves.

Celebrate basil in your wedding receptions with food, plants for centerpieces and sprigs for good luck.

Bridal showers are perfect venues to celebrate the immortal properties of basil with games and gifts.

. The Kitchen Bridal Shower

Ask guests to choose gifts the bride will need to establish an the kitchen of her dreams. Gifts might include: tools, utensils, cookware, bake ware, appliances, gadgets, linens and cookbooks. A Kitchen Shower is the perfect occasion to go potluck. If your kitchen can manage, request that a few dishes be brought assembled but uncooked. When your guests arrive, pop their culinary creations into the oven and serve wine in the kitchen while you enjoy the aroma of what is soon to come. Guests might also bring along their signature recipe, written on a card to present to the bride.

- perfect for a “herb” shower with a culinary touch

Basic Pesto Sauce
- 1/3 cut fresh basil leaves
- 2 cloves garlic, crushed
-pinch of salt 
- 1/2 cup pine kernels 
- 3/4 cup Parmesan cheese
  – 1/2 cup olive oil
Blend the basil leaves in a blender. Add the garlic and olive oil and process for a few seconds. Gradually add the pine kernels, Parmesan cheese and salt. The consistency should be thick and creamy.

This quantity of pesto sauce is sufficient for 1 pound cooked, drained pasta. Mix 2 tablespoons pesto with the pasta and serve on individual plates with an extra spoonful of pesto on each helping.. 

For money and success.  Soak Basil  in water for 3 days, then sprinkle about a place of business. Also used for purification and protection and to remove obstacles in love and create harmony.  Dispels melancholy and attracts friends. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

For more herb ideas for fall weddings check it out at: Plant a Memory favors & gifts


sign of spring In the past 12 years since we have been offering tulip bulb wedding favors they have been the most popular flower bulb…more

spring has sprung
sign of spring

In the past 12 years since we have been offering tulip bulb wedding favors they have been the most popular flower bulb we carry.

The colors are brilliant and they can be boxed to suit any color the brides desire.
Beautiful flower bulb favors are unique, personalized and include this poem. “The earth laughs in flowers”.
Representing eternal happiness tulips are always a wonderful addition to your garden. Planted in the fall, the bulbs will blossom with new life every sping for years to come.  They are a true sign of spring every year bring new life, new energy and reminding us or your Wedding Day and all the joy we all shared. Plant a Memory with brillilant tulip bulb wedding favors and your guests will remember your special day for years to come. More flower favors .

Shower your guests with love by giving them a unique organic soap bar , it feels good, it smells good, and is comforting in ways that are truly refreshing! Personalized with your name and date these eco soaps are a gift from nature.

new wedding favors
from our shower to yours

Shower your guests with love by giving them a unique organic soap bar , it feels good, it smells good, and is comforting in ways that are truly refreshing! Personalized with your name and date these eco soaps are a gift from nature.
Choose from : Sharp peppermint notes with a backdrop of Tea Tree for a naturally refreshing shower. Added peppermint leaves for exfoliation and beauty. Nice.  Made with organic vegetable based oils, this natural handmade soaps  are 3 x 21/4″ x 1/2″ bars made from healthful organic ingredients.

Citrus Cedar Sage Soap Organic Ingredients (Vegan, All Natural) are 3 x 21/4″ x 1/2″ bars made from healthful organic ingredients.

Give your bridal shower and wedding guests something unique, personalized and unforgettable to remember your special day.

Great for weekend wedding guest gifts as well as baby showers and birthday party gifts of “green”.


Colorado wedding bridal show. April 17, 2011.

 give "green" wedding favors

give green wedding favors

Visit us at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show and experience our unqiue “green” favors up close and personal.
Colorado Blue Spruce would be the perfect wedding favor or the area and we have plenty of choices if you want to grow your own. Inspire you wedding guests , choose a favor with lasting memories of your weddings day and help the planet. It is a win, win, win situation. Hope to see you there, we can hardly wait.





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