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Make your White Wedding, Greener When planning your wedding you want to make it a special day that showcases your love for your spouse. But…more

add a little green for your White Wedding

Green and white should be seen with flowers

Make your White Wedding, Greener

When planning your wedding you want to make it a special day that showcases your love for your spouse. But what about showing your love for the environment as well?
With all eyes on you, your wedding day is the perfect time to let those closest to you know how much you care. A little extra thought and preparation can make your wedding a day to remember, without taking its toll on the World around you.

Here are some things to consider when planning a green wedding –

Wedding Venue

When you think of all the guests that will be coming to celebrate your day with you, remember that that also means that many of them with have to travel to be with you. This will generate carbon emissions. While this might be unavoidable, try to lessen the impact by having the ceremony and reception at the same location.

The Perfect Dress

Little girls grow up dreaming about their wedding dress and it should be special… but that doesn’t mean ‘new’. A vintage wedding dress is not only eco-friendly and money saving but a very fashionable option as well. Trawl second hand shops for vintage gems and look online as well. Ebay may be an unlikely place to find your perfect dress but we’ve heard of lots of brides finding unique beauties.


You might have a favourite flower that you want to include in your wedding but have you considered if that flower is in season and grown natively? If not then they may have to be grown in hot houses. As an alternative, why not ask a florist to source only flowers grown locally? Better yet, collect flowers grown in friends and families gardens for a truly personal bouquet.


Think about air miles when selecting what food to feed your guests. Choose food that is in season and grown locally. You might also like to consider foods that are organic or a completely vegetarian or vegan menu.


If you want to be transported to your wedding venue in style, forget the car choose a horse and carriage instead. No fuel emissions there! If you’re an avid cyclist, how about arriving on a tandem bicycle? Maybe you fancy being carried aloft in an Egyptian style sedan chair?! Whatever eco transport you choose, it’s bound to be memorable.

So there we have it, some simple ways to make your white wedding that little bit greener! Whatever you choose, make sure it is personal to you and your spouse and have an amazing day.

August 16, 2012
Enjoy our Guest Post from: Wayne Baker

Author Bio: When not planning romantic escapes with his partner, Wayne Barker writes for wedding and diamond engagement ring specialists Portfolio of Fine Diamonds (http://portfoliooffinediamonds.com/)




Wedding flowers say it all.

    Flowers have always been a gift of love. Valentine’s day flowers are given expressing LOVE  and the most popular flower is The Rose.
In the Victorian times, suitors were mad about flowers, and everything that bloomed carried a special symbol.

When a young man wished to gain the affection of a certain young woman, he would send her posies that held secret messages. She would reply in kind with specific flowers that would either welcome or shun his attention.

Here’s a sampling of petal lore:

Ambroisa   -  “Love returned”
Burdock    -  ” Touch me not”
Camellia    – ” You are perfected loveliness”
Currant   -    ” Thy frown will kill me”
Daffoldil  -   ” Unrequited love”
narcissus  -    ”uncertainty”
Pansies  -     ” think of me”
Peach blossoms  – “Am I your captive?”
Pink rose  -      ” Our love is perfect happiness”
Ranunculus  –  ”Your are radiant with charm”
Red columbine  – “Anxious and trembling”
Wild Daisy  -      “I will think of it”          from the Little big Book for BRIDES

Flowers at at wedding are still one of the most important essential elements that are never left out.
Think of flowers for your wedding and what works for you. They can be the central theme of your wedding day.

Check out our daisy seed favors: he loves me , he loves me not, he loves me , we tied the knot.
Have a great week, Think Flowers it is one of our GREAT thought every day here at Tree & Floral Beginnings. Sheila, Robin & Amy





proposal stories

marriage proposal

will you marry me!

Will you marry me!
From proposal to the wedding it should be about YOU TWO ! Include your own ideas, style and imagination in your wedding day , this will create a unique celebration of past to the present and hopes for the future in the joining of two lives, hearts and dreams.We would love to hear all about your unique proposal strategies: what worked, what said “I love you” in your own special way.Here is one couple who shared their LOVE with us: love gerber daisy style 
love gerber daisy style

love gerber daisy style

Kathy and Alex were kind enough to share their story with us:
We love it!
We would love to hear your story . Let us know if we can share.
Will you marry me.
Regards, Sheila, Robin, Amy, Allie

wedding centerpieces with gerber daisies

potted plants for centerpieces
Growing Trend

Potted Plants as Wedding Centerpieces – a “Growing” Trend

 Bring Mother Nature in and inspire your guests with living potted flowers and herbs.  The remarkable thing about using plant centerpieces is that they are a growing symbol of your new life together, inspirational for your guests and project your eco-commitment from this day forward.

Gerber Daisies are our favorite potted plants because their brilliant colors pop on the reception tables. Forget-me-not’s, roses and lavender are attractive centerpieces. These flowers work well because they are a popular nursery plant which makes them easy to find. Rosemary and   basil are wonderful plotted herbs and are guest favorites, with an abundance of “green” points due to their culinary popularity and familiar scents.

Advantages of potted plant centerpieces in your wedding:

- They are surprisingly affordable from your local florist / nursery or can be planted far in advance

- Potted flower or herbs as centerpieces are unique table name/number holders

- There is no risk of the flower getting fatigued with weather and sitting for long periods of time.   They can be arranged days in advance, avoiding the last minute rush.

- Plants can be placed in decorative containers and finished with complementary ribbon to complement your colors or theme.

- They are available in a massive selection of colors, sizes, shapes that can tie in with the overall style or theme.

     Flowers and herbs embrace the something “green” trend in 2009 as we become more aware of the natural world around us. Complement with eco-friendly seed favor guest gifts for a wedding they will remember forever.

Sheila Sheffield,
Plant a Memory for a greener tomorrow.



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