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 Tips for a Botanical Garden Wedding Theme With the continuing popularity of all things organic and green, choosing a botanical  theme for your wedding is a…more

botanical garden weddings for 2012

grow memories with botanical garden weddings

 Tips for a Botanical Garden Wedding Theme

With the continuing popularity of all things organic and green, choosing a botanical  theme for your wedding is a great choice if you want your special day to be trendy, yet classically beautiful. Getting married at a Botanical Garden is a eco-chic wedding venue that is becoming really ideal for several reasons. It is beautiful with all the flowers and plants for decoation. The photos turn out tremdous with all the colorful flowers and plants and your guests will enjoy the venue as it is unique and fun. Here are some ideas for unique wedding decorations for your bouquets, corsages, centerpieces and beyond.

The first things you must determine are your wedding colors. If you are unsure, think about the season of your wedding. You can have a botanical wedding during the winter or fall, but the seasons evoke different color combinations than a spring wedding. Let the flowers that bloom in your preferred season be your guide. For example: holly or amaryllis for winter, tulips and peonies for spring, roses for summer, and dahlias for autumn.

If you want something a little different for your theme you can go with fresh greenery, like ferns or ivy. There are quite a few flowers that come in green too, such as button mums and lady slipper orchids. It’s fine to experiment with lots of flowers, but try to keep the number of main colors in your scheme down to 3 or fewer so that it is easier to coordinate. Also, keep the location of your wedding in mind when deciding on flowers and colors. Cute, delicate colorsmight not match with a traditional, stately church with dark woodwork, for instance.

Onceyou have your colors and preferred flowers for centerpieces and bouquets inmind, it might be fun to think of creative ways to incorporate your botanicaltheme into the other parts of your wedding.  Find or make invitations and programs emblazoned with images of your flowers. Give favors related to your theme. Seed packets or flower bulbs are unique and memorable examples. The possibilities for your lovely botanical wedding are only limited by your imagination so have some fun with it.

Lisa Partridge

March 18, 2013
Outdoor Weddings are fantastic opportunities for photography and fun. Give lasting wedding favors like flowers and trees to create growing memories of your wedding day.


  There is a magic about Spring, Plant a Memory’s Creations offers a chance to take advantage of the Springtime glory with a garden theme…more


seed wedding favors for spring weddings

Spring time Love

There is a magic about Spring, Plant a Memory’s Creations offers a chance to take advantage of the Springtime glory with a garden theme to complement your wedding. Favors with a touch of “green” allows your guests to bring home the spark of your wedding day and grow memories with these enchanting flowers.

Including the option to customize each individual packet with the wedding couple’s first names and wedding date at no extra cost, Plant a Memory collection of original artist rendered, selection of  20 different seeds that will soon bloom into a magnificent garden of flowers. From  red roses to extravagant gerber daisies, we offer a large assortment of extraordinary wildflower seeds to choose from. As a symbol of true love, these divine seed packets make the perfect wedding favor for your guests to take home.

With affordable seed packet favors starting at only $0.99 each, your wedding guests can take home with them a fond memory of love and happiness through these packets.

A best seller and a must-have for every wedding guest, these personalized seed packet favors are as fitting to every wedding theme as they are beautiful. Each unique and generously sized packet contains your choice of flower, herb or tree seeds of love and legend, and guests will reminisce on your wedding day as they watch the seeds bloom elegantly year after year. The collection of  plant-able wedding favors are also wonderful – plant the paper and it will GROW – blooming into a culminating display of colors, guests can sprinkle these seeds anywhere and watch as they sprout into impeccable blooming flowers.

Written graciously across the back cover of each packet is a Thank you message, “Plant these seeds to create a garden of lasting memories.” With easy-to-read growing instructions on the inside cover, wedding guests of all ages will be able to appreciate and enjoy these seed packets.

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February 8, 2013
The Tree Beggings Team.

Sheila, Robin & Amy

Plant a Memory for a Greener Tomorrow!



There is a growing trend toward greener and more environmentally responsible weddings. This article explores the reasons behind this trend.

eco wedding favors

Plant a Memory with "green" favors



For many years, brides have tried to outdo one another with larger and larger weddings, with bigger and bigger guest lists and ever more elaborate settings. But over the past several years there has been a new trend afoot. Modern brides are looking for a way to make their special day greener and more environmentally friendly.

While hard data is sometimes difficult to find, the anecdotal evidence suggests that there has been a sharp rise in the number of green weddings. Brides seem to be looking at the environmental impact of every aspect of their lives, from what they eat and what they wear to how they celebrate the special days in their lives.

Some brides go all out with their green weddings, planning vegan and raw food meals for the reception and making sure their dresses are either vintage or made from recycled materials. Others simply add a few green touches to their normal ceremonies, substituting bird seed for rice at the church or handing out tree seedlings or seed packets as favors at the reception.

The trend toward green weddings shows no signs of slowing down, so if you are planning your own nuptials it is a good idea to explore how those green touches can make your special day even better. Making a few simple touches in your wedding preparation and planning can help you, and the environment.

by beconrad

June 8, 2012: Our gardens are growing like crazy and we need to start weeding. The spring flowers bulbs are finished flowering and the wildflowers are starting to come to life. We are totally loving the trend towards Green Weddings and hope you will consider including our “eco” favors in your celebrations. go green, create growing memories. All for now.

Kind  Regards, Sheila, Robin , Amy





7 ways no 8 ways to green your wedding day

There is much talk of “greening” your wedding day . Sometimes it is as simple as having an outdoor ceremony or reception, including live plants in your reception decor or giving seeds or trees for guest thank you’s in honour of your new beginning. Whatever works for you is fantastic. We found this article by Tina Marie and loved the freshness of her earth-friendly consciousness and how it seeps into all parts of her life. It is a gift to be able to write and Tina Marie has that gift , thank you for sharing it with us all.

All for this week.: Regards, Sheila, Robin & Amy at Tree Beggings in Locke NY

wedding outdoors

outdoor wedding arbor






Greening your wedding is simple, chic and easy to do if
you follow just a few of these suggestions,

Eco-romantics about to tie the knot pay attention: Green Prophet has the scoop on making your day of love as green as possible without compromising on romance and style. From mass weddings in the Middle East to intimate ceremonies in your own backyard, here are 7 ways to leave a smaller carbon footprint when you walk down the aisle together.


  1. If you are exchanging rings, consider giving heirloom jewels or ethically mined and harvested diamonds, gold, gens and platinum.
  2. Wear vintage gowns and suits or those made from eco-fabrics.
  3. Use locally grown, pesticide free wildflowers and natural materials to decorate.
  4. Serve food and beverages made from organic, locally harvested produce and vineyards.
  5. If the wedding is to be indoors, rent out a building that is built to greener standards, or one that donates a percentage of profits to environmental causes.
  6. Consider a museum, an art gallery, botanical garden, historical home or cultural center for the reception.
  7. As much as possible, consider how you can minimize the power requirements of your wedding by maximizing the use of natural lighting and cooling/heating options.
  8. Instead of gifts, have your guests donate money to environmental or other causes that are important to the bride and groom.
  9. If you are going to give your guests any party favors, make theme  eco-conscious. Candles made from soy, small planted seedlings, chocolate or other tasty morsel provided by a vendor that engages in conscious commerce.

We promised you seven, but we gave you eight. That’s because  eco-weddings are about giving back more to your niche in this world.
Going green is chic, fashionable, timely and likely to make you and your guests remember your wedding as something different from the norm. Give
more in the ways that matter, and less in the ways that are wasteful.

Re printed with the permission of the author: Tina Marie Bernard


We thought these

Beautiful wedding venue

Ceremony Location :: Selby Gardens

We were given permission to share this beautiful celebration of love with you and showcase an Outdoor Wedding with Photography by stephanie a.smith.

These photos take my breath away. The girls at Plant a Memory favors are always enthusiasts for all things outdoors and fell in love when we came across these photos. The Wedding of Kyle & Justin seems like a naturally beautiful fairy tale come true.

This one is for sure going down in the books folks. I loved every little thing about this wedding and every little thing about this couple. Kyle and Justin held their outdoor garden wedding at Selby Gardens in Sarasota. The weather was perfect! The details were divine. And I don’t think you could ask for a cuter ring bearer….The girls are gonna be in trouble when he grows up :)

I literally was waiting all year for this wedding. After hearing about all the details, colors, style and set up I knew it was going to be something special. Well, it far exceeded any of my wildest expectations.


it is all in the details

outdoor wedding in a beautiful garden


grow with it – Outdoor weddings are taking off. The photography is exceptional and the expense is minimal.

green weddings are eco chic

go green be inspirational

Outdoor weddings are extremely popular among couples who want to incorporate nature into their celebrations and share their love of the outdoors with their guests. In addition to encouraging loved ones to give back to the earth, there are many great reasons to give tree seedlings or seed packets as wedding favors.

They are symbolic of the couples growing love, they are versatile and easy to personalize, and they are budget-friendly and simple to make.
Not just for spring or summer weddings, seeds or tree seedlings make thoughtful, green, favors any time of the year. While most are easy to assemble and personalize, it helps to choose a flower or tree that will be easy for your guests to plant and maintain.
The symbolism of planting seedlings is unmistakable. It is a romantic reminder for your guests that your love will grow indefinitely. They can wish you well each year as they witness the growth of the flowers or trees that they planted in your honor.
Your options aren’t limited to seed packets. You can give out bulbs in votive candles, for example, creating an attractive table centerpiece or place setting, as well as a favor. Think beyond traditional plants and consider herbs, or surprise guests by placing seeds in matchbooks instead of matches.

Finally, you will inspire your guests to think “green” and plant for a greener tomorrow.  Earth-friendly favors can be accented with containers as simple as a paper packet or as elegant as a small bamboo box or metal tin. The important part is to make them a representation of your love and a remembrance of your special day.

by Katie Testa




tips for a greener wedding, a growing trend.

Many brides in the modern world are looking for a way to make their weddings more unique, and more environmentally responsible. This trend toward green weddings has been growing for a number of years, and environmentally responsible weddings are expected to gain further traction going forward. If you are getting married and planning your own wedding, there are some things you can do to make your own celebration greener and more environmentally friendly.

Just use these tips for a greener and more environmentally responsible wedding day: Outdoor wedding photograhpy is beautiful, let nature be your decorator!

 Choose locally grown flowers in season. Buying flowers from far away means that they must be shipped thousands of miles, which wastes precious fossil fuels and increases your environmental impact.

 Print your wedding invitations, place cards and menus on recycled paper. You can find some great invitations and other printed materials, all from companies that use recycled paper.

 Wear a family heirloom wedding gown, or pick up a dress from your local vintage clothing store. Vintage wedding gowns are sure to be unique, and they are a green alternative to traditional wedding garb.

 Give your guests bird seed hearts to hang in your yards and feed the birds, instead of rice. Birds can be harmed when they ingest dry grains of rice and it expands in their stomachs. If you want to include confetti in your celebration, choose a variety made with recycled paper.

 Give environmentally friendly party favors like seed packets and tree seedlings to the guests at your rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception. Your guests will think of you and your wedding day every time they look at their gardens or back yards.
by beconrad


Plant a tree in the fall for the best results.

fall forest for weddings
he who plants a tree, plants a hope….

Did you know 2 mature trees provide enough oxygen for a family of 4?

Half of the world’s forests have disappeared.

Tree planting is the most cost effective way to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere and cool down the earth’s temperature.
Planting 30 trees will remove a person’s carbon debt for that year.

What can you do?

Small changes in your life routine can add up to big differences in helping to help the earth. It is difficult to believe that one person and planting one little tree can make a difference. But it can, and planting trees is an easy, fun way to contribute to greening your town.

The presentation of a tree at a special event is a tremendous gift. A wonderful opportunity to inspire, promote and plant trees for a Greener Tomorrow. By giving Trees as Favors at their Weddings, brides and grooms will set an example and possibly inspire their guests.  Meaningful gifts create “growing memories” that last a lifetime.

In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous.” - Aristotle


outdoor weddings are taking off In 2011 outdoor weddings are extremely popular. Let nature be your decorator at a venue where you can enjoy the…more

bridesmaids are taking off
outdoor weddings are taking off

In 2011 outdoor weddings are extremely popular. Let nature be your decorator at a venue where you can enjoy the great outdoors.

Forests, botanical gardens, backyards, beaches, neighborhood gardens, parks, or wineries.
Choose a location that will reflect you own style and imagination and immerse yourself in the “green” all around you.
“The earth is a garden and each of us only need care for our own part for life to be breathed back into the planet, into the soil, into ourselves.”  
 John Jeavons, Environmental Agriculturalist



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