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Shakespeare wrote: “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.” This may be true of the bride and groom, but it is not…more

wedding colors and themes

Capture the Colors of the Season

Shakespeare wrote: “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.” This may be true of the bride and groom, but it is not true of the guests at a wedding. Your wedding colors are often the first thing your guests notice – after you, of course – and they will continue to see your colors throughout the evening. From the first invitation to the clothing, food, decorations, and guest book, your wedding color combination sets the tone for your wedding and gives it a distinct mood.

Most spring wedding color combinations feature lively colors because nature brings forth new life in spring. A spring wedding fittingly celebrates the new life a couple has chosen together.

Pastel Green, Purple, and Gold

This color scheme works especially well for a daytime wedding held outdoors on a spreading green lawn. The soft pastel green featured in this wedding color scheme will complement the color of the grass, and the pastel purple and soft gold colors add interest and imbue the wedding with a gentle springtime feel. The bride wears white while her bridesmaids wear pastel green dresses. The groom wears a dark tuxedo with a pastel green tie and gold pocket square, as do his groomsmen. Tablecloths are alternating colors of green, gold and purple. Serve wine or punch the color of rich gold, and serve yellow cake with purple and gold frosting. The key to this combination is to use pastel colors rather than bright colors, which may look dated.  Done correctly, this wedding color combination makes for a bright and happy mood.

Navy, Dark Green, and White

A navy and dark green wedding color combination conveys class, depth, and brisk confidence. The bride’s white dress looks especially lovely against the navy worn by her bridesmaids. The groom and his groomsmen wear a dark navy suit, elegant green neckties, and pocket squares. Tables are draped with navy tablecloths and contain vases filled with brilliant white roses. The cake and its icing are a brilliant white and are trimmed with navy and dark green frosting. As with the preceding wedding color combination, this wedding pallet looks fantastic at a wedding held on a green lawn. It also makes for a memorable seaside wedding.

White, Off-White, and Yellow

Your guests won’t soon forget this subtly beautiful color combination. White, off white, and yellow make for a dazzling beautiful wedding that will leave guests rubbing their eyes. Make no mistake: this color combination heavily emphasizes pure white and only relies on other colors sparingly. Tablecloths are pure white and contain vases filled with roses of the very same shade. The cake is white and is covered in white icing accented with off-white and yellow trim. The groom and his groomsmen wear white tuxedos with yellow neckties and may wear white top hats if desired. Surrounded by her white clad attendants, the bride looks angelic and seems to radiate purity. Those with a flair for the dramatic might consider renting a white carriage drawn by white horses.

March 7, 2013



Capture the Colors One of the most romantic times of the year to get married is the fall. It’s such a colourful season with a…more

colors for fall weddings
Capture the Colors

One of the most romantic times of the year to get married is the fall. It’s such a colourful season with a vibrant and beautiful back drop for your dream wedding. Here are some great ideas to help you create the perfect fall themes for your special day with the Hottest 2012 Fall Wedding Colors.

Colors are at the top of the list of important choices when it comes to wedding themes. Fall weddings offer an array of rich colors to work  with. Think of the beautiful, picturesque bouquets of leaves autumn trees offer each year. From deep greens,  earthy browns and gorgeous plum and burgundy tones. These  colors  can be blended and mixed in any way you can imagine. And even though they are more   warm toned colors, if you love the idea of using silver, don’t worry. They will all work together perfectly. With any of these colors mixed or matched, you will be sure to create a unique and beautiful atmosphere for your special day.

There are also many incredible creative and fun fall themed wedding favors you can go with. The tree and leaf are probably the most iconic symbols of fall and something you can incorporate into almost anything. From charmingly whimsical to unique and classic, the options are endless. Here are some fun ideas to get you started.

By Alex Drake

Fall wedding colors almost always complement “green”. Consider a tree theme for an outdoor wedding and give your guests a little bit of nature to bring home and remember your Wedding day.

tree wedding favors
For a really beautiful and unique fall favor choose the plantable tree paper. Handmade paper with tree seed embedded in the paper . These are fabulous , every one an original. Plant them and the trees wil GROW!
tree fall favors cards
plant the paper and trees will GROW

Give beautiful Evergreen Seed Favors and decorate with evergreen boughs for a rustic outdoor look.
green wedding favors

original favors for guests












Fall Leaves are always a bit part of this great season.
” Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” — Jim Bishop

The Leaf Seed Favors are stunning table decorations and popular with the herbal garden mix seed.

leaves for fall weddings

Fall in Love




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