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This article reminds brides that their wedding will not be the only time they will want party favors to commemorate a special occasion. It capitalizes on the bride’s current interest in purchasing party favors and seeds to make her a lifetime customer for personalized promotional products.

wedding party favors

create a garden of love with seeds

When you’re busy planning your wedding it’s difficult to see beyond that one special day. But the fact is, your wedding is the start of a lifetime of special occasions. You’ll soon find yourself planning many other events, including anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, graduations, holidays and more. Your new family will want to enjoy all of these special times with your loved ones and friends.

You could start a tradition now that carries through the years ahead. Consider choosing party favors for weddings that becomes a family’s trademark or theme.

Personalized seed packets would be a perfect choice. Seeds convey many different messages: the blossoming of your love, the birth of a new baby, another year older, even a living memorial to someone who has recently passed. You can give a different flower for every occasion, creating a virtual garden of love for your family and friends.

Another choice for this tradition is an edible party favor, including mints, candy or delicate packets of tea. All of these convey the sweet memories of your special occasions, and you can personalize their wrappers or containers with whatever message you wish.

With so many personalized favors to choose from, maybe you’d prefer to give something different for every occasion. That’s a great tradition too, because each invitation you send will start your friends guessing as to what you’ll be giving them this time.

No matter what products you decide to use as your traditional family favor, you will have found a way to extend your events into long and pleasant memories. This is certainly something to consider as you search for your personalized wedding item. After all, you’re not just creating one special day, but a lifetime of special occasions.

May 2, 2012
Things are great these days at the Farmhouse and we continue to be busy with weddings, showers, baptisms and first communions. Graduations will start to pour in soon as well.

TIPS: The fall bulbs are blooming Daffodils and now the Tulips. Time to start thinking about summer plans. We usually recommend ordering your guest favors about 4-6 weeks prior to your event date and avoid last minuite stress. Our regular delivery is 10 business days, so start thinking about flowers and trees and herbs for your upcoming event.
Kind Regards, Plant a Memory, Sheila, Robin, Amy


sign of spring In the past 12 years since we have been offering tulip bulb wedding favors they have been the most popular flower bulb…more

spring has sprung
sign of spring

In the past 12 years since we have been offering tulip bulb wedding favors they have been the most popular flower bulb we carry.

The colors are brilliant and they can be boxed to suit any color the brides desire.
Beautiful flower bulb favors are unique, personalized and include this poem. “The earth laughs in flowers”.
Representing eternal happiness tulips are always a wonderful addition to your garden. Planted in the fall, the bulbs will blossom with new life every sping for years to come.  They are a true sign of spring every year bring new life, new energy and reminding us or your Wedding Day and all the joy we all shared. Plant a Memory with brillilant tulip bulb wedding favors and your guests will remember your special day for years to come. More flower favors .



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