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Pinterest.com is the latest social media website to have captured the public’s imagination. Its use of attractive images as its focus means it is proving incredibly popular for use in wedding planning. So how can brides and grooms to be make the most of Pinterest’s features to ge the best and most personal ideas for theiown upcoming wedding?

pinterest weddings

Pinterest.com is the social media site that everybody is talking about. With swelling visitor numbers, despite still being invitation-only, it is already showing that its popularity is well deserved, thanks to its innovative design and style.

Statistics show that the majority of Pinterest’s users are female, and 97% of those who ‘like’ the site on Facebook are women. Whether this will even out over time remains to be seen, but for the time being the proliferation of the imagery of arts and crafts, recipes, and expensive shoes on the site are, rightly or wrongly, fulfilling many stereotypes about women’s interests and concerns.

When Pinterest users spot an image they like on a website, they can share it with their followers on their Pinterest page. This is known as “pinning” an image. Others who see that pin can then ‘like’, comment upon, or “repin” the image, i.e. share it on their own page. Pins are organized on customized “boards”, so that the images are themed.

Its focus on the visual has made Pinterest a central hub of beautiful imagery. Whether it is virtual shopping lists, dream home photography or close-up shots of homemade food, Pinterest members are making the most of the medium to provide themselves with pictorial representations of how they wish their life to be.

One way in which people are taking advantage of Pinterest’s features is to brainstorm ideas for their wedding. Boards for wedding planning, bridesmaids’ dresses, wedding cakes, bridal paraphernalia, jewelry and flowers are pinned and repinned with gay abandon, providing shared ideas about the vital details which combine to make a bride’s day perfect. These visual storyboards show trends and hopes, where women take inspiration from celebrities and fashion designers and work out how to translate them to their own big day.

Wedding boards on Pinterest are also proving helpful for individual women to show whoever will be decorating their cake, arranging their flowers, or making their dress exactly what they want. Lauren Skow, talking on Geekwire, explains,

When my planner asked for my ideas on dor or floral bouquets, I was able to send her my pins for quick reference.

The popularity of planning nuptials on Pinterest means that there is no shortage of ideas on the site. Even if none of your friends are planning their own wedding, a quick search reveals thousands of pins from other people on the subject.

When you start to refine your tastes, it is easy to delete pins if you have changed your mind about your color scheme, or if something that appealed to you at the start of the process no longer has a place. Friends and family who also use Pinterest can give you feedback on your ideas, and it is even possible to create shared boards, where multiple people have permission to post. You could start a board where all your bridesmaids can pin their favorite pictures, and another for you and your Maid of Honor to plan the bachelorette party activities.

Plant a Memory Boards are filled with wedding favor ideas as well as a bit of parties we like. Visit us on Pinterest and enjoy the ride.


    If you are in the midst of planning your wedding, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of things you need to…more


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If you are in the midst of planning your wedding, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of things you need to do. From ordering the flowers to choosing the perfect caterer, there is certainly no shortage of tasks leading up to the big day.

Wedding etiquette plays a big role in every part of the wedding planning process, starting with the invitations themselves. You need to get those invitations out on time, but you cannot afford to ignore the etiquette associated with those invitations either

When you prepare those invitations it is important to observe a few points of modern bridal etiquette. Wedding etiquette has changed a great deal throughout the years, and that is certainly true of the invitations you send to your guests

For instance, it is increasingly common and perfectly acceptable to name both sets of parents when sending out the invitations. Under the old rules it was traditional to list only the names of the bride’s parents, but this rule is no longer in force. Naming both sets of parents on the invitations is now quite acceptable, and the perfect way to honor those beloved family members.
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Happy October.

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