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Almost the end of the year it seems like a time to think back on accomplishments and memorable times. This past summer my daughter and…more

Almost the end of the year it seems like a time to think back on accomplishments and memorable times.
This past summer my daughter and myself swam in the, “Women Swimmin” fundraiser here in Ithaca NY to support the Local Hospice.
http://womenswimmin.kintera.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=1016969 I recommend watching the video it is very inspiring.

Quote,”…as 291 swimmers and almost 187 boaters crossed Cayuga Lake. They were met on shore by about 1000 volunteers and well wishers. Everyone enjoyed music from the Yardvarks and breakfast from Ithaca Bakery and Collegetown Bagels. A great morning to be at the Ithaca Yacht Club! ”

Wommen Swimmin is a very enthusiastic community event in support of  The Tompkins County and Palliative Care Center. I had wanted to do the across the CayugaLlake swim for several years but this year I planned on signing up early. Since it was the 9th year , the registration closed after less than 24 hours .
I recently read an article about planting leftover flower bulbs in the garden at the Hospice , I think we should do that next year, in addition to the swimming of course.

Tree Beggings supports our local businesses and always have Since 1992. We also support childrens programs and give seed to some environmental programs throughout the year.

plant a memory for children

Children love the environment

Children are the greatest among us, they are wonderful ambassadors for our environment.
Remember the Children of Newtown, Conn: Plant a Memory that will grow and remember  them forever.

contribute to the environment

Support the Environment, Plant a Tree

plant a garden to remember
Plant a Memory for the Children


Burlap accents for rustic weddings are perfect by giving trees seedlings in natural burlap for guests to remember your day .

We came across this Burlap creation and thought about our trees in natural burlap. Many of the brides we speak with want to include some burlap

into  their wedding ceremony in a tasteful manner. This burlap table cloth really looks great. Small pieces of burlap like napkin rings and table runners can be really attractive and give an amazing rustic feel. Add some raffia ribbon and you have a perfect match. You can purchase burlap at your fabric stores in a stunning array of colors.
Check out our tree seedlings in natural burlap. They are amazing table decorations and can complement your wedding theme by choosing the raffia ribbon to match. This “green” wedding favor is created 100% from nature with a tree seedling, nestled in natural burlap , customized with names/message on imprinted recycled paper and finished with colorful raffia ribbon. Tree favors in burlap are a “natural ” for rustic weddings. Give trees,  are meaningful gifts with quality tree seedlings for your guests to plant and watch grow as your love grows year to year. Tree favors for Weddings are unique , eco-friendly gifts that will inspire a greener tomorrow. Burlap , a Touch of “green”for Rustic Weddings is a natural accent.
May 11, 2012: Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there. May is such a happy month with the beautiful weather, enjoy it. Sheila, Robin, Amy
give green favors at your wedding because they last a lifetime

trees will last a lifetime


Plant a tree for Earth Day and take advice from a tree.

plant a tree for earth day

advice from a Tree

Stand tall and proud
Sink your roots into the earth
Be content with your natural beauty
Go out on a limb
Drink plenty of water
Remember your roots
Enjoy the view!

March 29, 2012
Earth Day is almost here – Join us in Celebrating our natural world.
See our April Promotion Below. Plant a tree for a Greener Tomorrow!
From all of us at Tree & Floral Beginnings , Locke ,NY

plant a tree for earth day

free tree seedlings, place your order in April


Welcome the Tree Beggings Blog Our blogs are going to be a combination of articles we think would be helpful, interesting favors we have created…more

grow memories by planting trees

grow memories with tree seedlings

Welcome the Tree Beggings Blog
Our blogs are going to be a combination of articles we think would be helpful, interesting favors we have created for our customers ( you might like) and general thoughts on the state of things at our place. Please feel free to send us any suggestions, comments, questions , ideas , pictures you may want to contribute. We are really flexible and excited to start planting some seeds in 2012.  Thanks, Sheila ( the idea person)

We hope to start a montly give away this spring . Stay tuned, we what to hear from you.

In an effort to find the most fabulous favors we are hoping your will consider adding a touch of “green” to your Wedding day. Whetheryou choose, trees, seed plantable seeded favors or beautiful flower bulbs ,our aspiration is simply to offer a large selection of earth-friendly guest gifts for your to choose from that may complement your individual styles on your Wedding Day.

At Plant a Memory favors & gifts we would not offer a favor we would not be proud to have at our own weddings.
We would move heaven and earth to make them work for you. Please consider an eco favor for your wedding guests because they are good for the environment, customized with your names and wedding date, they are unique gifts, many designs are artist-rendered & exclusive, they are beautifully presented down to the last detail and all of the favors say “Thank You” on the cards expressing gratitude in a thoughtful gift .

We are introducing our new Tree Seedling in a Box. We have been offering the tree seedlings favors for
several years and have struggled with the presentation. This year we havedesigned our own boxes .
The boxes and cards can be assembly completely ,well in advance of the wedding date, eliminating any last minute stress (with favors that is).

The box has a star cut out on the top , just have to pop the trees in a few days before the wedding, transport to the reception venue and you have a eco-chic table decoration your guests will love.

These trees are timeless wedding guest souveniers that will create “growing memories”  of your  life together year after year, beginning with your Wedding Day.

Hope you like our earth-friendly favors and thank you for sharing this blog with us.

Kind Regards,

Sheila( the idea person) , Robin( the details are important person)  & Amy( the efficient , I can do this faster than you person)  the girls at Plant a Memory Favors

Check out our facebook page for more crazy  articles we want to share with when we find them.





Plant a tree in the fall for the best results.

fall forest for weddings
he who plants a tree, plants a hope….

Did you know 2 mature trees provide enough oxygen for a family of 4?

Half of the world’s forests have disappeared.

Tree planting is the most cost effective way to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere and cool down the earth’s temperature.
Planting 30 trees will remove a person’s carbon debt for that year.

What can you do?

Small changes in your life routine can add up to big differences in helping to help the earth. It is difficult to believe that one person and planting one little tree can make a difference. But it can, and planting trees is an easy, fun way to contribute to greening your town.

The presentation of a tree at a special event is a tremendous gift. A wonderful opportunity to inspire, promote and plant trees for a Greener Tomorrow. By giving Trees as Favors at their Weddings, brides and grooms will set an example and possibly inspire their guests.  Meaningful gifts create “growing memories” that last a lifetime.

In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous.” - Aristotle



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